Things to remember… even two weeks from now it’ll be different again.


I haven’t been writing because I’m not sure what to say yet about the injections. So for now, some things for me, for TMD. Things we want to remember.

Coconut saying, ‘two…..SIX!’ before doing things: jumping off a cushion, jumping into our arms, etc. This morphing to ‘two….six….nine!’  She also accuately eyeballs things, as long as there are two of them. Pointing, ‘Two boobs! Two boots! Two cats! Two kids!’ Yes, yes.

Snort was pooping only under the kitchen table. Sometimes in the corner behind the curtains. This recently shifted to pooping by going into an empty room, slamming the door, and shouting, ‘NOOO!’ in a desperate voice if you dared to open the door to check on him while he was crouching. He loves sitting on the toilet, and he pushes. Boy wants to do him some toilet poop; he really likes dumping his poop nappies in there, too. Tonight, my friends, he shat on the potty. While holding my hands and pushing like he was in labour. It bodes well for the poop aspect of potty learning that he’s only ever a fart away from diarrhea.

Coconut is trying to organise everyone. I’m not sure if she is being particularly twinny in some ways – she is pushing a pushchair, so she wants Snort to do so. Likewise with many activities. As I say, I’m not sure if this is twinny, or if she is just trying to force him (and all other children) to experience the things she considers worthwhile and joyous.

Snort is cuddling her like crazy lately – and shoving her. Ah. It feels like every day I snap a picture of cuddling.

Coconut wants to be nakies constantly. She will allow a nappy to remain on (potty sideline – before our holiday she’d done a few pees on the potty and was positive about it. We decided not to bother on holiday, and since we’ve been back she ignores or is antagonictic regarding potties, so we’ve dropped the issue. Today she willingly sat on the potty, at her request, and after a few minutes announced, ‘All done!’ while applauding herself. Perhaps pee will reenter a potty soon.), but tugs and tugs at each item of clothing, inventorying them until I pull them off.

She is talking in like six and seven word sentences. Sometimes, increasingly often, multiple sentences right after one another. It’s stopped seeming miraculous in a new way, and is now miraculous in an every day way. She picked a flower the other day – a habit we are trying to encourage the end of – and TMD put the ‘baby flower’ in water. A few days later Coco wandered into the kitchen and gestured at it – ‘Look! Baby flower in the water!’ And this is our normal now.


Snort is at a stage that is like popcorn. You know, you have all these seeds and you know that shit is gonna taste good. Maybe you’ve even got the heat on but nothing’s happening – and then you get a few odd pops. ‘Cat! Car!’ Soon those pops speed up. ‘Pear! Chips! Poop!’ New words are suddenly exploding all over the place. He’s shifting in the way he communicates verbally, and here is a twin thing for you – he had mastered ‘down’ and ‘out’, etc. Coconut says,’ nak’ for ‘get me down out of this chair’. I don’t know where ‘nak’ came from, and it’s the only baby word that has not transitioned to ‘adult’ talk. Can you guess where I am going? Snort has stopped saying ‘down’ and now opts for ‘nak.’ He also says ‘nuk’, which is Coco for ‘milk.’

Both of them are saying things so clearly now that other people understand them. Except for ‘nak’ and ‘nuk.’ Ha. Snort has previously been obsessed with balls – and still is – but that has widened slightly to include, as he puts it, ‘Round and round.’ Round and rounds are fans, wheels, etc. Circles that rotate.

His cutest thing is still this sort of up and down excitement talk which is simply, ‘The ball! THE BALL! Oh, the ball! Balls! The ball!’

And speaking of circles? Coconut came up to my new GAY GAY GAY shirt the other day. It’s got a lot of stylised printing on it; all the ‘o’s are just circles. Homegirl starts pointing out all the colours (she’s known them a long chuffing time, friends!) and suddenly points and says, ‘Circle!’ I’m like, what? Who the fuck taught you ‘circle’??? She then proceeds to identify all circles on my shirt. She’s also identifying numbers by sight. See, who needs school?

Her other new thing is, very dramatically, ‘Oh NO!’ Oh NO the chair is lying on its side. Oh NO someone fell over – ‘knee, knee, ow, oh, the boy, knee, ow!’ Oh NOs also escalate to frantic screaming if the wrong is not corrected pretty much instantly. Snort has now adopted ‘Oh NO’ as his own, though he also says ….crap, what is it? Well, another Oh NO thing, anyway. We are hearing Oh NO and Oh DEAR from both of them a lot. It’s a bit wearing, though Coconut’s saying ‘Oopsies!’ THAT is cute. I didn’t realise I said that fucking constantly until it began to come out of her mouth – same as ‘come on.’ I say that a lot as we are walking, and now Coconut will puff her chest and lead the way and say, ‘Come ON, Snort Snort’ if he is dragging behind.

I know leashes are controversial, and you all know I love our backpacks with safety attachments. Those of you who are anti-leash clearly never had twins. I won’t enter the debate; for twins, for rambunctious, adventurous, running like maniac twins, those backpacks rock. But the big news is that while the backpacks are still a requested item (and functional, when we go for walks Snort’s epipen is always in his pack so I can skip carrying the nappy bag!), we have stopped using the attachments! I have left them on the backpacks, but tucked the attachments into the little water bottle pouches on the sides of the bag. Both kids can be trusted to stay on the ‘path’. Both kids will (usually) stop if I say ‘Wait!’ Both kids hold hands crossing the street. Score!

I know there is more. There is so much more. Things that are the bread-and-butter, the daily minutae no one but a parent would probably want to read. But for now I’ll stop typing. For now I’ll go watch Grey’s Anatomy and think about other things to write, another day.

Hope you are all well. I find toddlerdom a much more demanding process than babyhood, which is why I still read blogs but rarely comment – as I am reading on my phone and for some reason can’t comment.  I never actually have the computer on during the day anymore, and I generally don’t miss it. But…I’m reading about your surrogate pregnancy, I’m reading about your home educating, I’m reading about your struggles and joys. I’m reading about your attempts to get pregnant, about how your twins and city life are doing. I’m reading you all, and thinking of you, and loving you.


3 Responses to “Things to remember… even two weeks from now it’ll be different again.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    ditto on reading often but not being able to comment much 🙂 loved this! love reading about what they’re both up to!

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Isn’t it a strange and amazing ride all at the same time! I love that Emma is getting a little more grown up everyday but in the same breath I miss her being a baby. I’m glad you are all doing well, Coconut and Snort are adorable!

  3. mendylady Says:

    Oo, who’s having a surrogate pregnancy? I’m looking at doing that myself soon, and would love to hear someone else’s experiences.

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