The only male in the house.


Last night before bath time, Snort got the little blue seat that fits on top of the toilet. It allows very little butts to sit on the toilet without falling in, and Snort loves him some toilet.

TMD looked at me as I walked into the bathroom, then inclined her head at him. ‘Looks like someone is menstruating.’

Snort had reached over and grabbed a pad, and was frantically waving it at me, wanting it open. I undid the little sticker, and he opened that sucker up….and then began pressing it against himself.

‘We are screwing him up.’

I laughed. ‘He’s never seen me do that. I don’t wear pads.’

‘He’s seen ME.’

After we got him down, he was standing there really pressing the pad against his bizness. I wanted a picture, but it was also so cute I couldn’t stop looking at him.

End scene.



3 Responses to “The only male in the house.”

  1. natasha Says:

    Hahaha Reminds me of the time I caught my daughter trying to put a tampon up her bum! 😮

    I’ve also switched to a mesntrual cup now. Much better but you should see the look of confusion on her face…. It’s a little harder to pass off a mooncup as a ‘plaster’.

  2. Mel Says:

    My 3yr old son will occasionally ask me if I have “menses blood” and today asked me when he was going to have some. Three year olds ask funny questions.

    I also use a cup (diva cup) which has worked out great for me for years until recently. I’ve taken to sterilizing it and placing it on a hook up high in my tub a day or two before I expect to be needing it. I’ve also avoided letting my son see what I do with it. Well, a few weeks ago I went to check on my son, who was playing in the bath, and my cup must have fallen down because he was using it to drink water from the tub.

    Nevermind that it was clean. The whole scene was quite scarring!

  3. Christy Says:


    This is sort of why my husband doesn’t want Lily to see him naked now. It raises too many questions.

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