Reason #102 (why we home educate).


The question we’ve already been asked multiple times: But WHY would you want to home educate? There are lots of answers. Here’s one…

Today I thought it might be fun to try fingerpainting for the first time. We carried out paper plates, paint, paper, wipes, and a big old colourful cloth to protect the grass. We squirted paint onto paper and exclaimed with joy as we mooshed paint between our fingers, mixed it on the paper, laughed. And then the wind came.

Papers were flying around the garden, dancing in little invisible cyclones. Papers were blown against the hedge. And here is why we want to home educate – we loved painting while we did it, but then the world changed, and so did our focus. We spent time screaming, running, laughing. Throwing whole sheets of paper into the wind, and then seeing what happened if we ripped, crumpled, folded it. I made a paper airplane.

This is home education to me, at least one faucet of it. Being able to be truly responsive to your child’s interests, needs, curiosities. We can paint, or we can figure out how paper and wind work together. We are fluid, we are flexible. We are learning even as we laugh, and as we carry on with normal life.

We embrace possibilities.

(And then we found a stash of acorns and touched them, looked at them, threw them in the hedge. And then even MORE wind came and we watched the trees and flowers dance wildly. So that’s what we did, too. And then I grabbed a sparkling blue pashmina and held it up; we clapped and talked and watched how it wiggled in the wind. I ran around with the pashmina over my head, two giggling kids chasing me. We took turns – Coconut was upset Snort had it for a long time, so she found another blanket to use. THEN we found a ladybird….two actually.

We sat and talked and watched and pointed. Snort was enraptured, and he learned how to hold his hand very still on the ground so that the ladybird could walk on his hand without being hurt. Coconut noticed his/her feet and we leaned in close to see how that ladybird managed to climb straight up a piece of grass, and how many feet she/he had.)

I don’t need to offer you, or anyone, reasons why we home educate. But here’s the thing: when I THINK about how to answer people I have stock answers ready, already. Or maybe I freeze up in the face of criticism. But then we wander outside and learn about the wind. Or I walk in to see one of my kids sat in a pile of books, talking to themselves as they read outloud. And in those moments, my heart sings.


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