At least it’s over. Oh wait, it’s NOT over.


Well, DUDE. I failed my driving test.

It was the definition of the perfect drive – I literally made no mistakes. I had one minor fault (you’re allowed 15 or something like that)….and two minutes before returning to the test centre, I made someone brake on their approach to a roundabout or some such nonsense. This is classed as a major fault and so I failed the entire fucking thing.

The examiner was very apologetic and said it had been a brilliant drive, a ‘lovely drive,’ so he was very sorry to fail me.

My driving instructor said the examiner was brand new – and it was my bad fucking luck to have a newbie, as he said most other examiners would have let that minor mistake slide in light of that fact that my driving was picture fucking perfect.

I don’t feel like crying or having a nervous breakdown or anything. But I AM worried because this shit just goes to show you – you do one thing wrong, you fail the test. This country has – literally – the world’s toughest driving test. It also has wait times that would make the best of us weep. I’ve already rescheduled, and the next available test is more than two months away. I’ll keep checking for cancellations, but this shit is wack.

Yes, I said ‘wack.’ And I’ll say it again. WACK.

I want to pass at this centre before we move and I have to take it in a whole different location, possibly neccesitating extra lessons so I can learn the area. Ugh. We spend an obscene amount of money on lessons every month. Actually more than HALF our monthly mortgage. Add the next two months of lessons to the price of the actual test, and that’s one THOUSAND smackaroonies down the drain.

The one bright side is that I’m spending a lot of time with a twin mum who lives just round the corner, and there’s a fellow Country A lady who came over yesterday with her kids and I expect we’ll be seeing them a lot more. So the whole empty bloody summer holidays when all playgroups are shut? Hopefully we’ll still be getting out and about or having friends over.

Anyway. This is my second fail on that fucking test. For those of you keeping track.

It’s pretty common for it to take people 4-5 attempts before they pass. Yeah, WACK.

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3 Responses to “At least it’s over. Oh wait, it’s NOT over.”

  1. Lauren Says:

    At least you know you CAN do it, so maybe you don’t need as many lessons in the next two months? Slightly related story: My cousin was so anxious that she kept failing and ended up passing on her fifth or sixth attempt because she has been prescribed tranquillisers :/

  2. mujerboricua Says:

    Wiggity wiggity wack.

    What a freaking bummer. I hate that you have to wait so long. You should just be able to get a quick do-over so you can get put this nightmare behind you.

    Good luck for next time!

  3. Winnie Says:

    Bummer… I’m sorry to hear that! But two months will fly by and you’ll pass with flying colors next time!

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