Twin mamas, take heart.



It’s been getting easier and easier. Sometime a few months ago, maybe around 18 months or just after, someone flipped a switch.

I adore having twins, as you all know, but I never truly appreciate how much work it is until the occasions I just have one with me. That being said, I also didn’t appreciate it till suddenly it was easy.

Kids who can answer my questions. Kids who can clearly express their needs and wants. Kids who fucking LISTEN.

Let me rave about little life backpacks. No, nevermind, just buy some. Worth their weight in gold. They can carry their precious things, sun hats, maybe snack. You have a safety attachment that clips on to the back. I’d say this is pretty invaluable if even one of your twins is like mine: free range, adventurous, etc.

This morning….hold me, mamas….this morning we went for a walk on the real road. We did not use safety leads. I was just like, ‘Stay on the path, please. Push your pushchairs on the path.’ And they just did what I said! Sweet Jesus!

Aside from backpacks, my other tips? Ask them if they want to hold hands with each other. That keeps them near each other and you, therefore, don’t end up with dislocated shoulders from two backpack kids pulling in different directions or at different speeds.

And pushchairs. Yeah, mine love pushchairs. If this is their worst failing as attachment parents to their dolls and toys, I applaud them. Kids pushing buggies are kids under more control. They pay more attention to where they are going and walk a bit more slowly.

I hope I haven’t jinxed my life by talking of how freaking good life has been on The Twin Front the past few months, but it’s awesome. Take heart. Your twins will get older, too.

Mine turn two next week!

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One Response to “Twin mamas, take heart.”

  1. Pufferfish Says:

    Sweet! The pushcarts (we call them doll strollers) do not slow down W2 one bit. He runs wildly with it, careening off everything in site and running over your feet in the process. Slow, no, but he sure is cute!

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