Naptime, my wife’s nemesis and my one true love.


We are in a balancing beam situation.

The kids nap too long, or too late, and they won’t go to bed. Right now 30 minutes in the car seems to be the perfect nap length. Of course, I currently do not drive.

I also love naptime.

But TMD’s life is a misery with naps in the equation; she does bath and bedtime. Bedtime last night was 9 30. This might not sound like a big deal, but it means all the evening stuff she needs to do can’t happen. She also sometimes ends up sleeping on the floor in their room. (okay, she cosleeeps most every night, but usually more comfortably).

But a life without naps? I need the break. Physically, I need to lie down so I can stand and walk in the afternoon. Emotionally? I need to read and bask in the quiet. 

There’s no doubt naptime as we know it is evolving and needs to be managed, but there is a doubt about if I have enough willpower to cut naps way short.  Once I’m driving it’ll all be better, but till then?

No one tell TMD they slept till almost four this afternoon. She’ll be finding out soon enough.



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2 Responses to “Naptime, my wife’s nemesis and my one true love.”

  1. Christy Says:

    OMG, I’d die if Lily slept till 4. I love naptime, but I love quite time after bedtime even more. I need Lily to go to bed around 8 so that she will finally be asleep and I can leave the room around 8:30-8:45. After that Waldo and I can watch tv or blog or whatever.

  2. violetsoufffle Says:

    you could invite me to come stay with you and be your live in nanny and housemaid. I’ll give you breaks and take over bath& bedtimes and cook your dinner too. This comment is presumptuous and not at all helpful, I know, but if I COULD reasonably do that for you and not be in your hair when I wasn’t helping…I would. I’ll start saving up to buy a cottage near you now.

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