Part deux..or duex?


I had part one of an assessment for physical therapy today. Because my cootch muscles (pelvic floor) are very tense and in spasm, which is a contributing factor in my pelvis’ problems.

Physical therapy is to teach me to relax my lady bits. Which should be good as I’ve already been known to pee myself while sneezing, laughing, or breathing. My new loose internal muscles might just make my bladder never have to experience a sensation of fullness again.

And then I really WILL be called the pee lady.

(short posts as we still have no laptop. But hi!)


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One Response to “Part deux..or duex?”

  1. Liv Says:


    This is a bit of an odd way to delurk… but how about getting one of those ‘Donate Now’ buttons from Paypal on your blog so that people could help towards a new laptop? Without wanting to sound too much like a stalker, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while now and found that lots of what you write about happens around here too a little later on (though I’ve only got one toddler). Can’t afford to buy you a whole new laptop, but I’d put some money towards it – I pay for magazines etc. because I like reading them, so why not towards blog content when needed? Also I know how even a few minutes found to spend online can be a good break from not seeing/talking to adults all day, so I’m really not envying you being stuck without one. Anyway, maybe I’m not the only one who would contribute, so could be a thought?

    Ho hum, not sure how you finish a first comment such as this… hope you get a laptop back soon somehow!


    Oh, and good luck with that physio/trying not to sneeze combo!

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