They call me the pee lady.


You guys, we went to a music festival today as a family. I headed straight for the portable potties when we arrived.

There was no toilet paper.

I tried a gentle bounce, but I think that only works for men.

I totally blotted myself with the skirt I was wearing.

I figure, better a little pee on my skirt than saturating my panties – it’ll dry, I often have *other people’s* pee, poop, or boogers on me, etc.

Still, I bet I’m the only person within 100 miles who used her skirt as toilet paper today.


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3 Responses to “They call me the pee lady.”

  1. Bobbie Says:

    I’m with you, better a damp skirt than wet panties rubbing you raw all day long!

  2. jackie Says:

    hahahahaha! i would so do that

  3. Christy Says:

    LOL. We took Lily to the movies for the first time the other day and I had a diaper with me, but no spare clothes. Of course about 20 minutes into the movie she had leaked all over the place. I changed her diaper (btw, they had no changing thingy in the restroom, I had to go out to my car, I was so pissed(lol)). Anyway, I think I wore those peed on jeans for two more days before I washed them, it had dried and I just don’t worry about stuff like that anymore. Weird I guess, but that’s a Mom’s life.

    And I bet, unless they put toilet paper in there, you weren’t the only one with pee on their clothes. 🙂

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