Geometric proofs.


1. My grandmother loved jalepeno peppers. Like eating them by the forkful directly from the supersized jar love.

2. Coconut looks a lot like my grandma. And acts like her. There have been nervous jokes about her being my reincarnated grandma.

3. Coconut just tried her first jalepeno. I think her reaction conclusively shows she is not my grandmother.

(in other news, we took our first big kid bus ride into town. Snort went nuts at the bus station on the way home, going up to every bus, trying to get on, and sobbing uncontrollably when I wouldn’t let him. Yet the hope on his little face at every new bus pulling in!

Eventually our bus came. By ‘our bus’ I mean the bus we accidentally got on which added 50 minutes to our journey home (regular time required: 10 minutes). He sobbed when we got off. That’s a bus lover. )


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    ❤ ❤ ❤

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