The time my children dismembered my wife.




4 Responses to “The time my children dismembered my wife.”

  1. ashleyd00dle Says:

    Ouch and hilarious at the same time lol. Yes they can’t run that far away but dismembered limbs was not something that they warned you about on the packaging.

  2. mendylady Says:

    That’s going to be me this time next year.. only I’m not sure I’ll get thave to older one on a leash. >.<

  3. mamacrow Says:

    that is the BEST PICTURE EVAH! THATS the picture you show people when they ask why twins are different from, say, having two under 5 or 3

  4. Winnie Says:

    HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS! This only strengthens your argument FOR twin leashes! 😀

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