Dr. Me


Snort developed breathing problems last night. Before he showed symptoms of a cold. Apparently his inhaler loving lungs just can’t get enough.

Coconut just went pee on the potty for the first time. Told us she needed to go and did it!

Snort’s vocabulary has doubled this week. After months of not talking much, he’s going for the gold with: mussie, pineapple, up, down, book, boo, mama, mummy, banana.

Did I mention the pee in the potty? Yeah? How about the dried out vomit olives in the carpet? No?

That about sums up the last 24 hours. Pee (on the carpet too due to some dodgy potty behaviour), aggressively treating viral wheeze to avoid hospitalization, vomiting from breathing problems, no sleeping, fevers.

And dancing, talking, cuddling, lots of helpers, new signs, and scoring a pair of secondhand littlelife backpacks.

Not too shabby.


One Response to “Dr. Me”

  1. mendylady Says:

    Sounds like life as a mom!

    It sucks that Snort has so many issues. 😦

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