Eye for an eye.


Well, they apparently took more of my father’s eye than anticipated. I don’t know if he can see.

I also don’t think a surgery suddenly makes someone a good person. Our ‘relationship’, in its nicest description, could be said to be composed of endless fears and unrealistic expectations. On both sides.

I think I am too weary to try to try. Again. I fail every time. The only time I feel happy – in regard to this – is when I am not thinking about it. Every contact from him (one passive aggressive card in over a year, in this instance) makes me feel high levels of anxiety that last for days.

In other news, I jumped off a stage today and it had the predictable outcome – immediate, serious relapse. TMD had to come home. Thank god the energetic 19 year old will be here tomorrow morning.


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2 Responses to “Eye for an eye.”

  1. mamacrow Says:


  2. The Barreness Says:

    I’m sure it’s hard, balancing up the years of difficult relationship with a reflex feeling of worry when someone significant in your life is facing such uncertainty. Thinking of you.

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