WELL. Here I am. Alive.


I’m here, I’m alive, I am. I have been blogging since 1996 and literally have never gone longer than a week without posting. I guess I just blew that record out of the water.

What do you want to hear about? These are the things that have happened or are happening that I suspect I have yet to tell you:

– fighting with a mean old man in my neighborhood

– driving lessons

– the relation between the two

– winning a fake writing contest and getting so freaked out that I cannot bring myself to read the prize, two books, as they come from the publisher I hope to make my day job within the next few years

– the long-awaited appointment with a pelvic pain specialist and how he plans to give me my life back. Also how I hugged him. Also our international relations.

– telling some old guy Snort’s name and the guy being all, ‘So your mummy likes the Bible?’ and the fact that his name was Biblical is SO FAR OFF MY RADAR that I had no clue what he was talking about. I remained silent and looked at my shirt – no, Bollywood – and Snort’s shirt – pretty sure dinosaurs aren’t in the Bible – and just stayed silent some more while feeling hopelessly and adolescently out of the loop.

– trips to accident & emergency (Coco this time!)

– the fact that we are hiring a friend cum nanny cum mother’s helper for Friday mornings and MY GOD are nineteen year olds energetic

– my crazy ex-lesbian mummy stalker ‘friend’. Lots of updates there.

– Snort and Coconut stories in general

– ducks

I am just so tired, my friends. So tired.

Things are at a point where life with twins is getting slightly easier. I realise I am one of the freaks of nature who loves having twins and hasn’t ever gone through a very bad time of it. But there’s no denying it is more full on than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Now that things are edging towards the ‘manageable’ category, TMD and I are both more exhausted than we’ve ever been before. Like our bodies are taking advantage of the slight relaxation in life to fully experience the extreme exhaustion of the past (almost) two years.

That and I think I’m kinda low. Can’t pinpoint it, really, but the moody blues coupled with The Tired mean that when TMD gets home, I am off to bed. No blogging time. And I am literally never on the computer during the daytime.

Lesbian homesteader hero who wants to home educate, I want to email you. Mamacrow, I want to return your DVD. None of these things have been forgotten, but somehow downgraded by my addiction to mobile ebay and sleeping.



4 Responses to “WELL. Here I am. Alive.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    nooooooooooooo hurry for the dvd 😀

    excited to hear about the mummy stalker friend!

    and yeah, this is common phenom – your body keeps going till it gets some rest, THEN you fall apart (as it were)!

  2. momof4boys Says:

    I am more of a blog lurker than a comment poster, but I stumbled on your blog when I was on bedrest with my twins (who are now 7 months old) and I read your blog all the time, your blog is great, it gives me hope that there is a point in time where I will get to sleep again! Glad to see you back!

  3. saralema Says:

    Totally get it. I’m exhausted and I only have one! When I do get on the computer, I wander aimlessly online and lurk because I haveno gumption to do anything, like post on my blog or respond to emails. The weather here is not helping either. If I wasn’t sure I had a touch of SADD, I now am certain I do.

  4. Megs Says:

    Weird! I was just today speaking to a friend about that feeling of tiredness that kicks in only after you have a bit of rest. She just got married on Saturday, and Nic and I are planning our wedding, renovating the inside of the house, and relandscaping the garden ourselves, plus going to peoples weddings & other social activities. Yesterday was the first duvet day we have had in months and today I feel more tired than I did after I spent the whole weekend rotovating the garden, stripping wallpaper, shopping for wedding dresses etc etc. proves how amazing our bodies and minds are when we have to function at a very high level for a long period of time!!! x x

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