Christianity for all.



This is not meant to mock Christians. More to say, why does our local government service supporting families with young children give away free Toddler Bible books – with no other alternatives – at playgroup? For every Christian holiday, but no others?

I walked home with two Indian mothers. One of them has a kid old enough to look at this page and think, ‘what the fuck.’ Well, maybe. She’s almost three.

This sort of thing makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t begrudge people celebrating the holidays they choose to celebrate. I intend to explore various religious and philosophical traditions with Snort and Coconut.

I just don’t like feeling smashed into the majority. It makes me feel closeted. And I handle it the way I handle being queer – I am open about who I am and what I do – or don’t – believe.

Not sure these books featuring pictures of a sad Jesus getting killed will be staying in our home.


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7 Responses to “Christianity for all.”

  1. impeus Says:

    Hrm. I DO want my non-christian kid to learn some bible stories as I think they are part of our cultural traditions. As long as she understands them as myths though. You are right about the choice thing.

  2. Katie B. Says:

    It wouldn’t stay in my house, even tho J is Christian.

  3. Says:

    WTF???!!!! of ALL the kids books of bibles stories they picked THAT?!

    ahem. anyways, i think if they were on a table in the corner for people to help themselves, that would be ok. but giving them out? and it’s not even a church based group? a bit odd imho.

    and i look forward to hearing how you get given cartoon illustrated copies of buddah’s teachings, the koran, book of shadows, and etc on appropriate days (wont hold my breath)

  4. Katie Says:

    You do live in a country with a national religion, though, right?

  5. existere Says:

    this is TMD – They’re run by the YMCA. My issue is with the publishers… how can you think it’s ok to put a cartoon image of a crucifixion on a BOARD BOOK??!! Jesus has a little sad face like he’s got indigestion. What next people?? Reservoir Dogs cot bumpers?

  6. Katie Says:

    TMD- I am totally desensitised: it didn’t even occur to me that might be weird. When you say that, oh wow, yes it is.

  7. natasha Says:

    This only occurred to me when Easter came. I decided to (attempt to) explain to Anna why we celebrate Easter and what Christians believe happened…

    Only when it came down to it, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her half the story. I got as far as, “Some people, called christians, believe there was a lovely man named Jesus, and they believe he was the son of god. They believe God is a really big powerful person who made everything, including you and me. Anyway, they believe that thousands of years ago there was a man called Jesus who was the son of god.”

    And then it came to the story of easter, and I couldn’t think of a way of explaining that this lovely man was beaten, whipped, made to carry a cross on his back and then nailed to it and left to die… without it sounding like a really horrific horror story. Not the sort of thing I want my child exposed to. So I struggled for a while and then I grabbed a childrens bible (made for babies and very very young children) thinking they would have found a way to tactfully skirt around the whole crucifixion issue said, but alas it detailed all of the above quite grimly and even had illustrations to make it really clear!

    In the end I finished the story with, “They believe that he died but then he came back to life so easter is to celebrate that he came back to life and that christians believe that one day he’ll come back again. It’s good for us because we get to eat lots of chocolate!” I’m not sure she really put the two together, but we went on an easter egg hunt later in the day and I think she figured out for herself what easter is all about for us šŸ˜‰

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