Snort’s illness has broken Coconut.


Just what the title says, baby. If either Snort or Mummy get out of her view, she is on HIGH ALERT. This can include frantically searching, screaming their names, or simple sobbing.

She’s also raging. Like if one tiny thing doesn’t go her way? Exploding with anger, jumping up and down, shaking her fists, clapping her hands over her face in despair.


I know it must have been scary to have them gone, possibly especially Snort, but I hope she settles soon.

Snort, on the other hand, just keeps tackling her and pinning her to the ground with hugs.



3 Responses to “Snort’s illness has broken Coconut.”

  1. Katie B. Says:

    Ugh. That sucks. I like Snort’s reaction, tho. 😉

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Sounds like Snort knows exactly what is Coco needs, sweet baby boy. Hopefully Coco will feel at ease again soon. It had to be so traumatic to have her Snort (and mummy) away from her.

  3. talesofanunplannedpregnancy Says:

    Poor Coco. Hope she is better now…maybe Snort’s many hugs helped her out!

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