Update on Snort, and our whole family.


It’s been a tough day. When Coconut woke up, I kept very busy at first. The house was a total shitfest from last night – vomit covered clothes and pillows (from the ungood combination of giving milk to ‘soothe’ a child who is coughing very very hard fighting to breathe), dishes everywhere, laundry in piles. I got things pretty much sorted, with a little shadow following along behind.

But breakfast? She kept pointing to his chair, his toys, saying ‘Snort, Snort.’ I kept saying he was with the doctor – like she’s going to understand that – and then her face kind of crumpled. Like big eyes, pouty lips.

‘Where’s Snort?’


My amazing SIL came with her tiny new baby to drive us up to the hospital so I could see Snort. I also wanted TMD to get a little break – the idea being she’d visit with Coco, SIL, and New Baby in the cafe while I hung out with Snort.

He was just screaming and screaming. And very obviously still having major difficulties breathing. I finally got him somewhat calm, and they came in to do a check. The doctor watched him breathing topless, listened to his chest, explained the treatment plan, etc. After all this time in hospital he is still not ready for his meds to be stretched (he is off nebulisers, though, had a bunch of them this morning).

I got him asleep and just looked at him. His cheeks were unnaturally red – making his white blonde hair look brassy and yellow and weird. He was physically shaking from the effects of the medicine. And sweaty. And every now and then he’d let out a big shuddery little kid sob.

They came in for obs – his oxygen sats were 93. Apparently you don’t want them to fall below 92. His heartrate was like 140 – again, no clue what a kid’s heartrate should be, but I do know his was elevated throughout the night and morning. His tummy was really moving in and out hard, using his tummy muscles to help breathe. No, this is not good. His neck was retracting badly and his whole head was nodding from the effort.

I found this very, very upsetting. That he’s been in hospital for what feels like forever, that this is diagnosed as ‘wheeze’, that they can’t get it under control.

Also no one has slept, showered, etc. Poor, poor TMD.

Latest update is that meds now being trial stretched to two hours. Apparently he’s working less hard to breathe, but the wheezing is much much louder. I guess the doctor told TMD the reason for this, but TMD said it was too long to text. He’s just been moved from the children’s emergency room into a hospital ward, so it looks like another night away from home.

I spent the afternoon in bed with Coco. She’s still asleep and it’s 5 pm. I know I need to wake her for any hope of her going to bed this century, but somehow I just need the quiet. I am missing Snort. He was so screamy and tired and scared and angry and sad that the only kiss he’d let me give him was when he was asleep.

Thank you to all who are being nice on twitter, facebook, text, etc. I know I’m not replying to anyone really, too tired, but I am reading everything and it is helping.

I think it says something that the only ‘fun’ I had today was throwing a pizzadilla at Coco as she sat on the floor watching tv while I rushed around like I was on a game show. I had fifteen minutes to pack bags for TMD/Snort and found it weirdly entertaining, if very sweaty. I, of course, forgot milk and bottles.

I suspect tonight will be hard because I’m still upset, and my pelvis is a bit cranky with me for carrying two heavy bags and Coconut today. Plus I am about 57% zombie, so having the energy to do anything is going to be tricky.

And now, I suppose, I go wake Coco up.



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2 Responses to “Update on Snort, and our whole family.”

  1. saralema Says:

    As always, keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    I’ll be sending every positive thought and hope and prayer to the powers that be out your way- sounds like you could certainly use a break!

    Poor little Snort- I hope he’s doing better soon!

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