I promise, last night weaning entry….for today, at least.


If you have/are/will night wean, then this post might interest you. Key word ‘might.’ If you do not fall into the above categories, I apologize.


We went back to full bottles (180 ml for night) last night, and Snort woke just as much as he did with reduced, watered down feeds. Like midnight, 1:40, and 3:40 or something. Three feeds where he sucked down 180ml no problem.

I’m thinking this is habit.

My pal sarelema suggested we track calories and see if he actually does need the calories. I don’t think that he does.

His weight has always been around the 50% mark, once he caught up from the bad boobie feeding start. He then dropped to about 25% for a good few months. We took him to get weighed a few weeks ago – 75%. From 25% to 75% in a few months. The boy packs away food like you would not believe.

He is a hearty eater. Part of that accounts for the weight gain leap. A few months ago he really got raring in how much he eats. He has giant meals, and then could probably literally snack all day and still want more. So I don’t think he needs the milk at night.

Coco eats less than him and doesn’t need it. I know we’re not supposed to compare twins, naughty naughty and all that, but still.

I think we will probably have to go back to our original night weaning plan – or should I say, Dr Jay Gordon’s plan. We do want to start on a Friday night. Next weekend’s no good due to travel and the clock changing, but the weekend after we may start.

Until then we drop feeds back to 60 mls at night.

This night weaning thing reminds me of us playing food detectives whenever he used to have horrible allergic reactions. We try and try and try to figure out why. When. How. And of course, end up with no answers.

While I think things would be easier if we let night weaning happen naturally, it’s not fair on TMD as she handles virtually all night wakings from both babies. So I think I’ll have to play the heartless villain (is this spelled right? Suddenly I can’t spell it.) and be the No Milkies Mama in a couple of weeks. It might be easier coming from me as I am not the milk-feeding parent at night.

We’ll see.


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3 Responses to “I promise, last night weaning entry….for today, at least.”

  1. saralema Says:

    A good friend has a little boy 6 weeks older than MP that is the same ferocious eater as Snort. She has stated, sometimes in jest, but sometimes honestly, she is worried about the teen years because at this rate he will eat them out of house and home! Must be a boy thing.

    I think you taking over the night when you decide to wean him is a stellar idea. Stay strong momma.

  2. Katie B. Says:

    here’s hoping. I’m just a tweet away if you need me.

  3. mamacrow Says:

    ooo hugs. sounds to me like there’s another possible cause/causes.. at this age it could be teething/possibly teething/about to teeth, vacinations (if you vacinate), coming up to a developmental leep, etc etc etc, SO many variables 😦

    Or maybe its the dustmite alergies thing? didn’t you mention that you read that it could cause interupted sleep cycles?

    either way, it could still be a habit, in that it’s become a habit how he responds to these potential triggers?, or how he responds once he’s woken up, ie, FEED ME NOW!

    good luck, everything crossed for you xx

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