Night weaning pauses for now, back to our regularly scheduled programming in the entry I’ll write later today.


For those of you held in thrall by our nightweaning adventures, this little choose-your-own-adventure is sucking pretty bad right now. Last night we mixed two techniques – smaller feeds, plus very watered down.

Big mistake. Big, big mistake.

Maybe this is one of those things where you have to do one or the other. Or maybe it works for other families.

For now, this family is going back au natural – back to full night feeds on demand. We’re upping access to snacks in the day, having bigger delicious bottles at night, and we’ll probably sleep a lot better.

Perhaps that’s how weaning helps you sleep. Not because your kid sleeps more (Snort fed hourly after midnight last night, Coco had a feed too), but because you realise how awesome it was to only wake up two or three (or four) times a night, in total.

We regroup in two weeks. Next weekend we’re driving hella lot for a Christening, and the clocks change, so it’s probably not the best time to go all hardcore again. We’ve struck a deal that the next time we go No Milkies, it’s me. Allllll me. I’m up all night, and then TMD gives me a vacation day the following one.

At any rate, it’s Sunday. It’s morning. Nothing is open in the mornings on a Sunday in this country, and it’s gloomy out. We need to find something to do so I don’t go crazy from never having contact with the wider world. Oh! TMD is also picking up a load of cloth diapers/nappies I got from freecycle.  I know it’s maybe exciting, but not more exciting than figuring out what we can do today.

Whatever we do today, it will include much foodage….and the blessed relief of knowing tonight is full fat full bottles.


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