When Bunny shits herself.


Coconut is very aware of The Poop. Once it registers with her that she has to go, she will inform me constantly until it actually happens. (Potty specific talk to be the subject of another entry.)

‘Poop.’ Pulls at nappy or points at butt. ‘Poop. Poop. Poop.’ This continues for anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Once she actually does poop, all hell breaks loose. We’re talking full on screaming, ‘POOP’ while sobbing and yanking at her nappy. She gets into a mini rage and jumps up and down (a life skill feces taught her, not her non-athletic mums) while continuing to miserably scream, ‘POOOOOOOOOOP.’

Today in the park she fell into some bad mud while holding Bunny. Bunny got some mud on and near his/her tail, which about drove her to distraction. (Worse than the ten foot fall down fucking concrete as the woman accompanying us didn’t think to hang on to her at the top of a large slide/hill/concrete mountain.)

She examined Bunny’s tail and then looked up, distress written on every feature. ‘Poop!’ she said miserably, gesturing at Bunny’s ass. ‘Poop.’ She began to sob. I had to explain it was mud, make a big deal of wiping the mud off Bunny, and say it was not poop.

This was repeated the entire remainder of the time we were at the park. She’s the fucking poop patrol.

On a sidenote, her lovely mama sat on the ‘grown-up potty’ when she got home, where Coco immediately tried to push my ass aside and see if I was pooping. Nice.

Now, genuine question. Bunny is so dirty and stained. I am afraid to vigourously surface wash as I don’t want to ruin it in some way. TMD says we should not put it in the washing machine as it will get soaked through and you aren’t supposed to get these sorts of toys wet on the inside – but with a good ‘surface’ wash, Bunny is sodden anyway.

How do I clean her? How do I get the ‘poop’ off Bunny, people?!? This is not just an idle question.

It’s pooooooooooooooooooop. *sad face*


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8 Responses to “When Bunny shits herself.”

  1. Katie Says:

    If Bunny’s all fluff or plastic beads inside, Bunny can go through the washer. Bunny will be a little the worse for wear for it, though (think matted fuzz and with less bounce than previous). Depends on Bunny’s before condition- if Bunny is already pretty limp and matted, may not matter. If Bunny happens to be sand, sawdust or foam, it’s not be a good idea. If Coconut is likely to be distressed by Bunny’s post bath condition, also not a good idea.

    Otherwise, letting the dirt dry and then brushing it off may be your best bet. You can also give Bunny a soak bath- same as the washer, but without any agitation.

    • existere Says:

      I’d never even thought of soak baths, but you’re the second person to suggest it. I may try tonight!! Bunny is all fluff inside, as far as I can tell. And bless her, she is MATTED. LIMP. Stretched out. She is very very very very well loved. Coco just fed her cream cheese, so you can imagine this rabbit has every substance known to mankind ground/rubbed into it daily.

  2. saralema Says:

    I fully admit to ignoring laundering label advice, but why can’t it be thrown in the washer, maybe in a lingerie bag, on delicate cycle? What’s it made of? Do you have a dryer? Throw it in there to make sure it dries out, and I think it would be fine.

    I would also consider sunning it. Wet it/clean it how you will but then put out in the sun to dry. Does wonders for getting rid of any stains on my cloth diapers.

    MP was 18.5 months when we started potty training. She was doing the same thing Coconut was and I talked up how poop and pee go in the potty, let her sit on the little potty, watch me potty, etc.. It’s been a very relaxed, follow her lead thing, but now at home, she is fully trained except for naps and night. I know a lot is going on, but if you are able, I would suggest getting a little potty (or heck, something low that can be used as a potty. Then, when she talks about poop, take off the nappy and encourage her to sit on the potty and stay within close range until she goes. Since it really seems to distress her, I bet she’ll catch on quick. Maybe it would lessen the number of diapers you use, which in turn could save money.

    I promise to post about MP’s potty training this week.

    • existere Says:

      Sunning – I wonder if it would have a similar effect if we did it when Bunny was dry?? Coco is at the stage of having BUnny with her nonstop, and Bunny is a large part of why Coconut does not need us to help her soothe herself to sleep.

      I am thinking of washing her (maybe in a bowl with water, detergent, and toothbrush) then putting in the dryer to fully dry, then sunning when we are all outside and it’s feasible. I am glad you said the dryer. No one I have talked to about this ever mentions the dryer, yet it’s how I’ve dried Bunny every time I’ve surface washed.

      We do have two little potties. She loves sitting on the potty, but her poop warnings are not close enough to the event to be reliable. We are following her lead, very relaxed like you guys, and I think she’ll be one of those rare kids who is poop trained before pee trained!! Snort is nowhere near ready, bless him. Boys. Can’t wait to read your post!

  3. saralema Says:

    I think it would need to be somewhat wet, at least the areas you want bleached out. Let me poke around after sprout’s asleep and I’ll see what I come up with.

  4. PJ Kaiser Says:

    I agree with your previous posters – sounds like a hand wash or gentle wash in a lingerie bag will do the trick. Definitely don’t put bunny in the dryer, tho. My son never had lovies but my daughter grew attached to a little bear blanket. Sounds like your bunny – she wouldn’t go anywhere without it and it got quite dirty quite often. My best advice to you is to buy duplicates. These bears are hard to find – I’ve ordered two batches from eBay, including one set of three from china. She knows the differences among them – they aren’t totally identical. But it’s ok because when I explain that “princess broken bear” (they all have names) needs a bath, she’s happy hugging squeaky bear in the interim.

  5. mamacrow Says:

    i always put them into the washingmachine, then the airing cupboard (dryer only if i’m brave & desparate). They will be a little limper, but ok.

    (btw, I’m talking about soft toys, not babies O_o)

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