Oh, yeah. By the way…


I was going to write a powerfully poetic piece about something new in our lives, but let’s face it: where is the time? Maybe next week.

This new thing is home education.

I’ve started a new blog exclusively devoted to home education. I haven’t decided how much crossover there will be with this blog, though no doubt I’ll talk about it here, too.

One of my pals (Hi, Mamacrow!) has a home ed blog that she also uses as proof to her local authorities – showing what her kids are doing and learning. So I thought I might get a head start, but also wanted a place to just be all obsessive and curious and …..And. All ‘and.’

I don’t know how anonymous or not that blog will be. Probably more ‘not.’

If you are interested in home education, or just in having a look, please let me know and I’ll give you the address. I don’t want to link to it here, as if that blog is to be used as evidence of learning in the future, I don’t want it linked to this blog where I am talking about shoving in my mooncup (oh, wait, have I blogged about that yet?) and making up inappropriate rap songs.

Msg me on twitter, or facebook. Send me an email. Or leave a comment here – and MAKE SURE you leave your email address. I am happy to delete your email address from the comment just as soon as I use it, just let me know.

I am open to any advice, comments, suggestions, and questions there or here about home education. I realise this is a bit of a bombshell entry because I’ve never mentioned it here, but it’s something we have been thinking about and discussing for awhile now. All I know at this point is that we are highly likely to home educate through the early years (aka when most kids are in nursery or preschool). Will we continue to do so after they are old enough for ‘real’ school? I don’t know. Stay tuned.


5 Responses to “Oh, yeah. By the way…”

  1. Louise (Victoria, Australia) Says:

    Could I please have the link!?

  2. Ash Says:

    Oh, oh, me, me!!!! I guess I’m delurking here to get in on this one, you’ve definitely sparked my interest. Although we don’t have kids yet, DP and I are planning on home schooling when we do. The plan is throughout thier entire education. (I’m actually currently getting my doctorate in education. Yes, a bit ironic I realize.) But am all for the idea of home schooling with the parents leading the way, and we are both working towards being able to work from home so that we can be able to focus on school in the day. I would love to be able to follow along and get your opinion of the day to day rigors as well as the international perspective you can lend to the whole idea. Curious to see where this leads you.

  3. allthingslucky Says:

    A little ironic to me. I am actually starting to homeschool my DD on Monday. I would love a link please.

  4. CJ Says:

    Um, link please. Pretty please.

  5. Gnome Says:

    Would be very interested to follow this blog. Home ed’s been a significant part of my own life, though for different reasons

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