Skin prick test.



This won’t be as long as I’d like as I’m writing on my phone, but here goes.

Snort had his first set of skin prick tests on Wednesday. He was tested for egg, peanut, all tree nuts, etc. Results? Only allergic to peanut (quite a big reaction!) and eggs. And histamine, but that’s supposed to happen. It’s the control.

I had been worried from what one parent had told me about these tests, coupled with my imagination. I was picturing a giant piece of wood with big nails sticking out. Nails coated with poison allergens. And then pounded into my baby’s naked back.

Pleased to tell you fellow worry warts this is not the case.

A lovely nurse warned us Snort probably would not like sitting still on my lap, his arm extended for five minutes. He did thrash when I picked him up (plugs to pull on! Exposed pipes to bang! Toy blocks to throw!) but loved the stethoscope. He also liked watching the test.

Essentially pen marks are made, indicating all allergies being tested for. Then a tiny drop of Allergy Liquid is placed on the skin by a mark, and a metal thing is used to lightly scratch the skin. Repeat again and again.

Give it ten minutes and see what happens! Despite big red hive/bump/rash things in the three above-mentioned spots, he didn’t scratch, touch, or generally seem to notice them. Maybe he is just used to being itchy.

We are now on Asthma Watch 2011 as he has two early indicators. The doctor said it’s very important to keep his breathing well managed, as the top predictor that a serious reaction can turn deadly is an unstable chest.

We also learned that four out of five kids outgrow egg allergies. One out of five outgrows peanut allergies.

Things are managed now – eczema under control, allergies better understood with multiple treatment plans in place depending on reactions, asthma stuff understood with plan in place in case he needs steroids. All in all, I think it is better to have a clear understanding of allergies – the blood and skin tests have confirmed some things we knew, as well as letting us know that at this point he’s probably not allergic to any other nuts. Or potatoes.  Good stuff!



2 Responses to “Skin prick test.”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    oh sweety- I am SOOOOO sorry I didn’t speak up sooner- I could have told you EXACTLY what to expect- I used to PERFORM those tests on kids!!!

    Glad that Snort did so well- and that his mama is so on the ball getting all this done early! Best of luck!!

  2. The Barreness Says:

    Sounds like he did brilliantly, I can’t imagine keeping my wrigglebum still for 5 minutes with so much facinating stuff to play with! Good news on the allergies – my friend has a 1 yr old who was diagnosed with a dairy and egg allergy (she’s outgrown the dairy one already) and she’s also been told it’s pretty common to outgrow the egg one. And lucky he’s not allergic to potatoes – imagine a world without hot chips…

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