Raise your glass.


Big ass important neurologist told my mom she has brain damage in three spots in her brain, all correlating to sight. He also said it’s a miracle she’s alive, let alone has regained her sight.

She has a hole in her heart that allowed the clot to pass from one side of her heart to the other (blood clots are broken down in lungs and also oxygenated, but this clot moved through her heart and skipped the lungs part before going straight to the brain). She’s having surgery next month to repair her heart.

Her vision isn’t as crisp, she says, but it’s pretty much okay for now.

My mom kicked this stroke’s ASS.

She’s going home today. The thing that has stuck with me is that the neurologist said if the clot had been the tiniest teensiest bit bigger, it would have killed her.

We definitely do not see her enough. We are planning a two week trip home in the summer, but it’s not enough. It never is.

For now, though, I’ve got an awesome sauce mom who defies neurological expectations. I’ve also got a suggestion for all you people who have been so lovely and supportive – drink a glass of water. Right now. It’s a fact that being well hydrated can help prevent a stroke.

Drink a toast to my mom.


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7 Responses to “Raise your glass.”

  1. Kate Murphy Says:

    That’s fantastic news! I shall be raising a glass straight away!
    I so pleased for you and your mum, enjoy you trip home. Xxx

  2. Gnome Says:

    Great news. Here’s to existere’s mom (raises a glass)

  3. Jenny Says:

    So glad the news is positive. Well done your mom!! It’s such a shame you can’t see her as often as you’d like but at least you’ll now have the chance to enjoy a fab holiday together this summer.

  4. Natasha Says:

    Amazing that she has regained her sight! *raises water glass* Here’s to your mum! 🙂

  5. Katie B. Says:


  6. Brian Says:

    That’s fracking awesome!

  7. catsandcradles Says:

    I’m very glad to hear that your mom is doing okay. And sorry for the slow response time.

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