Tomorrow is kind of a big day. A big day I don’t know if I have permission to write about. Just send positive vibes in this direction, okay? I promise to fill you in soon.

Oh, and thanks for the vibes.

What do you mean you haven’t sent them yet?

Foot tapping.

Eyebrow raising.

Oh, okay. There they are. Thank you.

edit. Holy crap. Did I say ‘tomorrow’? Apparently I meant today, Thursday. It’s eight minutes past midnight. Why am I still awake???


2 Responses to “Tomorrow.”

  1. Bobbie Says:

    Good Happy Beautiful Vibes are being sent…….can you feel them, no really are they there yet cuz i’m sending vast amounts 😀 Good luck with whatever this big adventure is.

  2. Jennie Says:

    Positive vibes galore from Cardiff for your intriguing and important day! Hope it’s going well!


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