Links and unlinks. Which is which?


Damnit on a platter. They both went down for a nap at 11:55 – and you know I’m not about to take that for granted. The past few days Snort has gone down and Coco has stayed up with me, though she eventually sleeps and then wakes when Snort does. So BOTH at 11:55? Party time. Blogging time.

Except I can’t find the phone.

I’m expecting a call from Dr. Shit (the one who made me cry when I was newly pregnant) to do a ‘medicine review’ for Snort. AKA – does he still need baby bath oil and crazy super strength cream? Yes. Should be a quick call, but the key is answering the phone the second it rings so it does not wake the babies.

I’ve given up on finding it, though. It’s probably off the hook and inside their play oven. Or jammed under a couch. Or in the washing machine. Really, are you seeing where I’m going with this? There is no point in actually looking for it, because I’ve done that and there are still 600 places it could be.

Wow. This is what I blog about when my kids actually tandem nap.

I’ve actually been thinking about a post I want to do but haven’t had time for, but it’s the sort of thing I have to be in the flow for. And I’m not in the flow right now. Stupid phone hunting has thrown me off kilter.

I will say we had the blood tests for Snort come back. Allergies to peanut and egg, still exclude them from diet, needs epipen still, etc. Mild allergy to cat, no real allergy to kiwi or a handful of other nuts they tested for. The real surprises here were he has essentially no real allergy to milk (hurrah!), but a massive hardcore superfreak allergy to dust mites. In fact, his dust mite allergy registers over an 11 on the Crazy Allergy Scale, while his peanut and egg ones are both about a 2.5.

This is awesome because the guidance around dust mites suggests no curtains (actually it suggests plastic curtains, but come ON, that’s just gross), no carpet, no damp, freezing everything you own, no toys or clutter, only plastic furniture, etc.

I’m sort of picturing living in an igloo that is full of IKEA furniture. Anyone else with me on this one?

@1xmum: yes BUT think of the money you could make from the rights to The Boy In The Bubble II

Me: yes! We could then build a plastic annex onto the flat with the profits.

@1xmum: and throw them pizadillas while you sit on synthetic fur covered charity shop bean bags and rub antique Teddy bears on your faces

The interesting thing is that dust mite allergies can lead to problems with….drumroll please….. asthma/breathing problems (check), hayfever type symptoms (check), eczema (check), and night wakings (triple check). So it’s obviously the holy grail, the key to all our problems. All his eye itching till his eyes swell. All his environmental crap. All his wheezing (all the time, he wheezes, literally), all his endless and neverending night wakings, etc.

The only issue now is that we live in a flat full of big soft couches, carpet, so much clutter that a design tv show would probably refuse to help us, etc.

Oh well. Onwards and upwards.

The other thing I have to say is this: @violetsouffle suggested we teach Coco to stop biting by saying ‘gentle’ and making her pet the area she has bitten post-bite. Of course Coconut uses this in a sick way, but here is a sweet thing:

A couple of days ago, she bit down hard on a banana peel. She then instantly looked at me, petted the peel, and kept repeating, ‘nice, nice.’

Oh, you don’t see the link between dust mite allergies and banana biting? You aren’t looking hard enough.


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  1. Katie Says:

    Perhaps she needs a healthy dose of this little video:

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