Choosing to move forward.


While our volunteer was here playing with the babies this morning, I made a few phone calls. I ended up chatting with a Bowen therapist and booking three sessions. Starts not this Saturday, but the one after for three weeks.

I got a good discount for booking three, and am cautiously hopeful. Been reading about Bowen stuff, and it appears three sessions is often all it takes. Hmmm. Guess we’ll see. Doing my best to go in with an open mind and heart.

I knew I needed a therapist I connected with – just plain liked – and on the phone this lady reminded me a bit of Kleinette.  So I followed my gut and will be sure to let you guys know how it goes, especially as I know some of you have pelvic problems, too.

This lady knew what spd was and treats lots of women with pelvis problems, so I’m looking forward to meeting her.

I’m on my own with the babies this afternoon – first time since last Thursday. Yikes. But our volunteer has offered to come again tomorrow morning for an hour. I am always amazed, grateful, and humbled by the way people can pull together to help someone – me, in this case.

I want to move positively forward. Tiny steps (literally!).  I’ve been thinking when I have three consecutive months pain free I’ll consider myself ‘cured.’ I am happy that today, as hard and painful as it is, I am still able to look forward to counting the days in those three months.

Who knows, day one could happen soon.



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