My multipronged plan of healing.


I’m going to come at this from all sides. Not like a major campaign of war, but like a gentle and persistent approach.

One –

I’ve just ordered a necklace. Nothing special to you or anyone else, a cheap, small pendant on a chain. But it is an ancient Egyptian symbol of healing and protection. Scoff if you’d like, but I see it as a tangible way I can focus on healing – a sort of daily reminder to focus my energies. And hell, if it comes with its own innate superpowers, I’ll take ’em.

When I knew we were going to do IVF, I ordered a ‘fertility necklace’ that had some fertility related gemstones, silver fertility related charms, and a tiny piece of paper with a positive spell on it. Before I put it on I made TMD (against her cynical judgment!), hold hands with me, I said the little spell and visualized myself with a swelling belly, and then baby, and I put that necklace on. It did not come off until the day I gave birth.

Two –

We’ve not had our post today, so that means that Yogalates DVD may still come or it’ll be here tomorrow. Again, core exercises. I need to strengthen them, because mine are so weak it’s crazy. TMD points out that I often say rash and grandiose things like, ‘I will do exercise every day!’ and then if I don’t, I stop. Sort of an all or nothing kind of girl. That’s got to change.

Even if i do five minutes of these exercises two or three times a week….well, quite frankly, it’s more than I am doing now.

Three –

Someone mentioned the Bowen Technique to me. I’ve been googling and having a good old nose around – turns out that one of the world experts in SPD/PGP (a specialist physiotherapist, she actually writes all the articles on SPD for the major charities who support sufferers) recommends the Bowen Technique. My mom has just offered to pay for me to have this sort of treatment, and it turns out there are three or four practitioners about a half hour away. I’m going to write up a list of questions, ring them, and see if I vibe with any of them. Also if they work on weekends, because otherwise I won’t be able to have it.

Four –

The other non SPD/PGP related thing that may help, that does require a rash and grandiose commitment: writing. I’m going to commit to writing 500 words a day, which is nothing, really. Especially as I like writing. But it does fall by the wayside because I am so tired in the evenings – and like now, it hurts to physically sit up. So I’m going to get over this current Bad Time and then get back into it. I figure it’s a nice outside interest that is actually very inside me – and a nice reminder that I am capable of great, awesome things. (We hope.)

I feel like there was a ‘five’, but these first three things are really what are sticking out to me: belief, hard work, and help from others.

(Oh yes, there is a five. More on that later. And a six – weight loss, weight loss, weight loss. But for right now, and say it with me: belief, hard work, and help from others.)


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One Response to “My multipronged plan of healing.”

  1. Katie B. Says:

    I’m all over special necklaces. I think they’re fabulous focus items. I wear one pretty much all the time that’s a goddess-y figure with an amethyst in her hands and a spiral on her very round belly – that’s my birthy necklace, a focus for health in pregnancy and birth. I have a mourning necklace too; it’s black glass with a triskele on it. That’s for my lost babies. I have less magical ones, too, but those two are very special to me.

    You go girl!

    (I’d like to learn more about this Bowen thing..)

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