Posting from bed.


Things not much better today. Aussie came up from the city, son in tow, to look after Snort and Coconut…and me, too. She cooked us lunch, she handed me paper towel during a horrific nappy change, she held Snort while I gave him antihistamine as his eyelids turned into superhives so he looked like water balloons were taped to his face.

Worried about tomorrow. TMD only has 2 more paid days of leave left, plus she’s still trying to look good at work due to impending cuts. Just not sure I can physically care for the babies. Poor kids. Playgroup is definitely out, and our planned trip to the hospital on Wednesday (hey, an outing is an outing) for Snort’s allergy testing now has to be cancelled because he took meds today.

I am only so much fun while lying still on the couch, I tell you.

PS – Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday. I meant to reply to each one but find sitting up is still tricky. But I read and appreciated them all.


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One Response to “Posting from bed.”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Hun, this sucks. Many hugs are again winging their way across the internetty waves. xxx

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