Words on a screen are real people, too.


This past Sunday, friends I met a few years ago came over to meet my babies and just generally hang out. I ‘met’ J, the female half of this couple, yeeeeeeeeeears ago; she read my blog and we emailed occasionally. She is also from Country A, and we met in person when she was over here in Country B visiting her then boyfriend – now husband – who lived here.

It’s funny. I said to TMD that looking at her is a little like looking at a slightly younger me. Back in my university days, I was very into the internet. Which is fun, considering that back in those days the internet consisted of nothing but skeezy AOL chatrooms, personal webpages (all with ‘about me’, ‘links’, ‘pictures’ – all the same), and some stuff for hardcore weirdo internet people, like myself. Namely, talkers.

Talkers were like primative chatrooms, except they were for people who had brains. You didn’t go to a talker to have sex, you went there to be all mysteriously quirky, intellectual, etc etc. I made some very meaningful and long lasting friendships that way – and in fact, ended up with a boy from Country B coming over to Country A to meet me and eventually propose. That’s a story for another time.

I guess all of our lives twist and turn. There are so many ways to connect with people.

For me, Sunday was a reminder of how great it is to see people in person. How wonderful to see your children asking to be picked up and cuddling with these people you’ve known for years, even if you have only seen them in person twice.

I am thankful for these two people….and hope they move back to Country B real soon.


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2 Responses to “Words on a screen are real people, too.”

  1. J (the female one) Says:

    Aw, that picture turned out really good, didn’t it? Even if neither of them are really paying attention to the camera. Haha. I’ve gotten the few pictures we took off the card but haven’t uploaded them yet. Would you like me to just email them all to you? Perhaps I could get a copy of all your’s as well? Shame we didn’t take more pictures!

    It was lovely seeing you & TMD again though and your children are fantastic! Even when covered in yogurt & screaming (or knocking out sinks in the bathroom! Haha). :O Really, really can’t wait to see you guys again! ^_^

    • existere Says:

      This pic made me laugh because you guys were looking one direction and both babies were looking the other! Can email you all of them. Quit a few good ones! And likewise, email me!!

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