Hashtag holidays.


If I’ve not said it before, there is something really seriously truly honestly fucked up with this country. Namely, they don’t understand how winter holiday gifts work. You walk into a store and there are special aisles designated ‘Christmas gifts’ and the like.

You know, within a store that is FULL of things to buy. Things that can be wrapped up, bow on top, and given out. Things that are a hell of a lot more useful than the shit that is marked as an acceptable gift.

These include scarf and glove sets, soap sets, chocolate sets. All are very obviously packaged and designed as holiday gifts, and I swear to the baby jesus, these appear to be Country B people’s idea of What To Get For The Holidays. Not that these things are inherently bad, you understand, but I find it so weird that people have to be told what to buy for gifts.

I don’t get it.

I don’t. Sure, you may need to buy for someone you don’t know well (why, though, I’m not sure). Get a nice candle. Or some book tokens. Surely that’s more thoughtful than a purple box with mini soaps? Or is it just me?

Join the revolution. Move to Country B and spend your time informing people that ANYTHING you can buy or make can be considered a gift….and chances are it will have a hell of a lot less wasted packaging, be a lot more tailored to the individual, and just not be so fucking stupid.


Note: I am not specifically dissing any gifts I have received this year or any year. Just pointing out that the whole thought process behind this marketing scheme is just…..pointless.

Oh yeah. Hope you had a nice Yule or Christmas. And sorry to my Jewish peeps, I missed out on the Hanukkah hellos this year. And happy New Year!

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2 Responses to “Hashtag holidays.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Yes! Boots is the epitome of these strange gifts. I really don’t care for the prepackaged body wash/lotion/shower gel/body spray sets. They kind of say to me “I felt obligated to get you a gift but don’t really know you or care to find something that you would actually like so here’s something Boots told me that women like…” If you don’t want to get me a gift that’s cool!! I hate feeling obligated to buy gifts for people just because they are related and wouldn’t anyone else to feel like it either.

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