Things to remember.


We went to the next town over yesterday afternoon; they’ve got a big outlet mall, a nice place to let your children run wild without worrying about frostbite.

We went into the bookstore first, to get them undressed and unstrollered.

Of course she, my little she, found ducks straightaway. ‘Duck! Duck!’ she cried, joy pouring from her and she plucked the two little boxes of mini rubber duckies off the shelf. How she saw them amidst the tiny tarot decks, make-your-own zen gardens, and voodoo dolls is beyond me.

She kept the box with yellow and pink ducks, and immediately marched over to him, thrusting out the yellow and blue ducks (no, I swear we do not blue-and-pink brainwash them) to her brother. He took it, but his attention was really on the rolls of wrapping paper so I managed to snag the ducks from him and put them back on the display.

When she saw them, she looked back at her brother and saw his duckless state. Her eyebrows pulled together in concern and consternation, and she grabbed the box again before authoritatively handing it to him. ‘Duck!’ she said, and smiled.


One Response to “Things to remember.”

  1. Kate Says:

    Your kids are just so sweet, and kind to each other, and everybody loves ducks, I got a stripey duck keyring for christmas.

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