Carnival of Horrors.


I just served up a dinner that is probably unforgiveable. Leftover fish fingers, leftover fully loaded veggie pizza, raw carrot sticks, lukewarm baked beans, banana, and yogurt – strawberry.

My kids are good eaters. They love food, and they are very skilled in manipulating all different sorts – soups, giant pears (!), sandwiches, curry, pasta, well…anything you would feed to a human. I fully credit baby led weaning with this.

I also credit the book (amazing bible of baby led weaning – Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley) on the topic with mentioning that BLW kids like interesting combinations of food. At lunch today, Coconut happily dipped banana into pumpkin soup and proclaimed, ‘YUM’ after every bite.

I notice that while my kids will eat anything, variety in a meal often means they will eat more. I forgot that this evening as I was busy quietly stifling the urge to gag as I served up fish and pizza in the same meal.

Well, those kids went to town. They were like dingoes on a baby. It was like the last time they ate was last Tuesday. We’re talking frantic, stuffing your face full eating.

My mouth was dropped open most of the meal (also, I was calculating if there would be any leftover pizza which had not been contaminated by the fish. The answer is no. Because NOTHING was leftover. Not a drop.) which made it hard to contain the further urges to void the pumpkin soup from earlier. But their sheer gusto made me forget how gross the meal was.

In fact, Snort just walked over here clutching a pizza crust from god knows where (the floor) and mowing down on it. And then came back twenty seconds later covered in yogurt – he’d climbed up on the table to get the empty pot and somehow smeared the dredges all over his face…and my arms.

I just….I am amazed. Disgusted. Thankful. Blown away.

(Also, people, this is freakishly my fourth entry of the day. Clicking to previous entries, you will see a picture of my young artists, a conversation about atheism with my mother, and the long awaited post on getting babies to sleep happily without crying. I am too lazy to link.

I am too lazy to cook, too.)

Oh god, he just blew raspberries through a mouth of yogurt covered pizza crust. And now Coconut has picked up his already chewed pizza crust and is eating it. Who needs dogs when you have baby led weaning babies?!?



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