Little Fishy, the ‘Musical’!!!!


I’m sure you all remember my first attempt at immortalizing the fact that my life is, in fact, a musical. Tonight’s effort shows what happens after I serve a meal I am unwilling to eat (fish makes me puke) and sing in an unabashed and totally awesome way for an extended period of time….before getting the camera.

So I sing about them eating fish while they are actually mowing down on pears. And I use the term ‘sing’ loosely.

If you manage to make it through my one minute musical, you’ll notice what makes it totally rad, etc etc – the rockstar ending when both kids upend their plates in an effort to show solidarity with my musical efforts.

No more waiting…let the lights drop and the curtain rise…I present to you, ‘Little Fishy, the Musical!’


11 Responses to “Little Fishy, the ‘Musical’!!!!”

  1. Kate Says:

    I love your musical life, although I’m not sure anything can top pizzadilla the musical.
    I HAVE to invite you to dinner as our guest speaker, it would be the best dinner party ever!

  2. saralema Says:

    Love Coconuts hand motions in the beginning. It looked like she was signing fish.

  3. Violetsouffle Says:

    Ohmygod this is awesome. I love how much they are eating! I wish I was a better baby led weaner (hehehe weiner…) from
    The start because t doesn’t even eat as much as your tots. I fail.

  4. Gnome Says:


  5. mamacrow Says:

    Well I promised i’d comment, but to be honest the sheer quality and style exhibited here hath rendered me speechless

  6. Bobbie Says:

    Love it! They are adorable! Now I have to go find pizzadilla the musical.

  7. talesofanunplannedpregnancy Says:

    hilarious. & snort & coconut act like this is normal. XD

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