How to give a baby steriods AND a rust dissolver to be ingested.


You would think that with Snort’s desire for all that is verbodden (think: Diet Coke and electricity), the opportunity to have Coke as a post-breakfast treat would be relished….even if it was chock full of horrific tasting steriods.

Oh, you don’t give your children chemically based horrible liquid junk food pumped full of steroids? How on earth do you expect them to be able to  run fast enough in the Baby Olympics??

Seriously, though, Snort was given two doses of oral steroids to be given at home. Just to keep him on the right track. Yesterday I queried when this shit was actually supposed to be given to him, and TMD admitted she didn’t remember. A quick phone call to the hospital and we had our moves ready.

It was recommended to disintegrate the tablets in a teaspoon* of Coke, and then suck it it up in our New Purple Syringe Of Awesomeness before getting Snort into a choke hold and forcing him to drink the stuff. Apparently the Coke somewhat diminishes the evil taste of the steroids.

I bet it does.

But no one counted on a baby who has never liked being choke holded – and a baby now deeply distrustful of the New Purple Syringe Of Awesomeness….or indeed, any new medication coming at his face. I gather from TMD that the inhaler administration was, ahem, somewhat awful for him.

Anyway, all you parents of children who will one day have virally induced wheezing or asthma attacks or Baby Olympics preparations – remember the Coke tip. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

*A teaspoon in Country B is the same same as a NORMAL spoon in Country A. To people in Country B, a ‘normal’ spoon is the same size as a tablespoon in Country A.  <—— factoid.

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7 Responses to “How to give a baby steriods AND a rust dissolver to be ingested.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Is it that pink stuff? Louis was given that in hospital. They just handed me a syringe of it pure and expected him to take it. HA! When I told the nurse he wouldn’t take it she said “oh well, I don’t blame him.” and just threw it in the bin. :S WTF? Does he need it or not? Then they sent me home with a couple of the tablets (along with inhalers and that yellow tube/mask with the bear on the side). I couldn’t get him to take the steroids straight so I dissolved it into orange juice. Even then he wasn’t keen. It must be really really foul stuff. I imagine it’s similar to if you melted any other tablet and tried to drink it. bitter bleh! Louis healed though and his breathing sorted out with just regular doses of inhalers. We haven’t needed to give them to him in a very long time (despite his begging). Actually, I give them to him when I go visit my friend Ruth as she has cats and they bug Louis’s eczema and breathing.

    • existere Says:

      It’s little pink tablets that dissolve…prob the same stuff you gave L in juice. Can’t believe the nurse pitched his Meds in hospital. That is wrong!

      Must admit I’ve no clue what to do with his ‘breathies’ 😉 they just said as needed.

  2. saralema Says:

    Giving meds is horrible. Hopefully, Snort will become a bit more willing to take them *crossing fingers*

    I’ve been following what has been happening on the various methods I use to stalk you. I can’t even imagine what you and TMD are going through. Is it wrong that I am annoyed by all the waiting you have had to do? Wait for the allergist, wait at the hospital. I know everyone has to wait and if things went super fast that probably would mean more serious things. But darn it, I just wish they were quicker and could give more solid answers now!

    Cool factoid! Now I have to go figure out which country I live in.

  3. Jennie Says:

    So, the burning issue must be, what would a Country B tablespoon be called in Country A??

    It’s a shame the medicine’s not strawberry flavour – my kids look forward to illnesses which need calpol!

  4. Crunchy Nurse Says:

    When I worked in Children’s Hospital we found chocolate syrup to be somewhat effective as masking the taste. I’m not sure about the tablets, they are very better, but mixed 1:1 with the liquid formulation it sometimes worked. Good luck

  5. catsandcradles Says:

    So glad to hear that Snort is home and on the mend. And I’m pretty good at pilling cats, but I don’t think it works quite the same way on kids, so I’m not much use on that front, I’m afraid.

  6. Winnie Says:

    So… does that mean baking in Country B is WAAAAY different than Country A?? Is there a half-teaspoon measurement spoon there?? This is BLOWING my mind lol

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