And now a word about my amazing daughter.


Coconut likes being sans nappy. The past few times her nappy has come off, she’s enjoyed running around and giggling and shaking her head ‘ no’ at me when I ask her to come get a new nappy.

(Not all the time. She’s also taken to bringing me new nappies, to letting me know if she needs a new one, etc. Methinks she’ll be ready for some potty action come summer.)

This morning both kids slept in really late. Things are still wacky from Snort being in hospital. TMD normally changes them in the morning, but today I had the honour of doing so.

Coconut helped me strip her clothes off, then tugged at her nappy. The next thing I know, I’ve got an adorable little baby girl strutting around and smiling. She walks over to our breastfeeding/babywearing necklace (think really long, really colourful – now a staple ‘dress up’ item for both kidlets.) and pulls it on. She continues to carry on playing, occasionally prancing around as I tell her how pretty she is.

And she is. Dynamite smile, happy eyes, soft skin, chunky thighs, lovely baby belly. And her tushie! Oh, I could die from her cuteness.

I took tons of pictures, but as she’s nakies they’ll probably never see the light of day…I mean, the light of the internet. It’s a shame as I’ve never seen her look more beautiful, more like herself.

I am so thankful every day for my children. They are getting more and more kidlike in the things they do, but in fact they’re still so similar to how they were in the weeks after their birth. How they were in the womb, in fact.

Only in the womb, I didn’t know that Coconut liked teasing me. I didn’t know she’d love a Bunny. I didn’t know she’d tickle her brother’s feet with a ‘who me?’ smile on as he was trying to sleep.

Oh, loving her gets better every day.


2 Responses to “And now a word about my amazing daughter.”

  1. saralema Says:

    What a wonderful post! Miss Coconut sound that a fabulous little soul. I too have pictures of MP that I would love to share, but the fact she is bare bottom stops me.

    You could even start potty training now. I had wrote a blurb on what we are doing with MP, but it started getting bloggy and I thought, “Hey, why don’t you post this on your OWN blog that you seem to have forgotten about instead of clogging up existere’s?” So, that’s what I will do!

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