The morning after the night before.


TMD sent me this pic late last night – Snort eating a crayon:

He was awake ages, but fell asleep in the ambulance on the way to the second hospital. After having four treatments at our local hospital, he had treatments at midnight, 2 am, and then 6 am. As he’s hit the four hour mark, he’s now cleared to come home!

They have to organize getting him inhalers (as we’ll need to dose him up for a few days, I think) and then I think an ambulance will be bringing him and TMD home.

Last night was horrible for us. Coconut woke up around midnight and was very distressed that Snort wasn’t in bed with her. She was pointing and pointing to where he sleeps and crying. Poor kitten.

After a lot of poking my nose, she fell back asleep. Well, if I’m honest, I passed out lying in a screwy position next to her and don’t know what the hell happened next, but one can only assume she fell back asleep because when I woke up an hour later frozen in position, she was happily cuddling Bunny and snoring away.

Ah – text from TMD. Bil’s going to go pick them up (they are at the hospital where they were born – about 20 minutes away…though with Bil driving may be much quicker) and possibly drop TMD off at our local hospital (5 minutes away) to get her car. I hope she hasn’t got a ticket for parking so long without paying for it.

Anyway, I know one little baby girl who has been puzzling over some children’s tv this morning:

She’ll be very happy to see Snort & TMD. Snort probably had a great time at hospital what with the crayon buffet. TMD said all the nurses love him and he’s been charming their socks off.

I can’t wait to hug my little guy.

Thank you to everyone who has been so lovely and supportive. I am hoping this is a one off event – as far as I know, the hospital hasn’t said it’s asthma. We’ll see…




5 Responses to “The morning after the night before.”

  1. Jem Says:

    What a night! I hope everyone is home and things are back to normal asap! x

  2. Matthew Says:

    The best news ever! and the thought of Coconut missing Snort breaks my heart!

  3. Jennie Says:

    I hope he’s home with you now, getting lots of cuddles from both his mummies and his sister. What a nightmare event. I hope too this this was a one off, or at least if it shows he has any respiratory issues, he can get approprate treatment or preventative stuff so that hopefully this doesn’t happen again! xxx hugs

  4. Katie B. Says:

    FWIW… asthma isn’t the end of the world. It sucks, sure, and I don’t wish it on you, especially on top of everything else.. but you can survive. My brothers and I have all had asthmatic issues to one degree or another – I just had a childhood winter cough; my elder brother has full blown chronic, sucktastic asthma that he has to arrange his life around. But he does have a life.

    I’m glad they’re home, and ok.

  5. The Barreness Says:

    Man, I turn my back for a few days, and this is what you get up to? Glad that I caught up when things were looking better and your boy is back at home with his sister where he belongs. Hope you’re holding up OK. xxx

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