Allergy appointment!



Hope the following info helps people with kids younger than ours who are wondering about allergies, to food or otherwise.

Good result at Snort’s long awaited allergy appointment. The doctor treated us as if we were intelligent equals, and our appointment was relaxed, unhurried, and full of good info. This is a rarity.

He’s got a prescription for an epipen and a new liquid antihistamine.

He’s too little to sit through a full skin prick test, so that’ll happen in six months. In the meantime, he’s having blood tests next Monday for milk, eggs, peanuts, dust mites, cat…and I think that’s it. He’ll have a skin prick test for cooked potato at the same time.

She was pleasantly surprised that he is tolerating other nuts and legumes, thank you baby led weaning. Our style of weaning has actually helped him build tolerances!  We’ve been instructed to keep up his intake of hummus, black beans, chickpeas, and pesto lest a break from them will cause him to develop allergies. (sesame, pine nuts, cashews)

She, too, suspects that much of his ‘eczema’ has actually been an allergic reaction to his formula.

She thinks his potato allergy is probably going, and the egg too…though the egg one can be a predictor for asthma.  She says the peanut one is less likely to leave (though because he was sensitized so early it has a better chance of eventually being outgrown), though will do controlled testing to monitor his reaction to tree nuts in future. She mentioned hazelnuts as being little bitches to peanut allergy kids, and said they were always present in coffee shops. Perhaps this explains his face blowing up like the Elephant Man every time we step through the doors of one.

We will also do controlled testing (ie small amounts of The Bad Foods given in hospital under observation to monitor reactions, etc, once the testing shows that the allergies are borderline or going away) for eggs, the above mentioned tree nuts (peanuts are actually a legume, apparently), and any other foods he tests allergic to.

She said regarding the packaging saying ‘may contain nuts’, to keep having stuff he is tolerating (keeping that tolerance strong!) and we can experiment at home where we know his reactions, but that when he is away from us – no chance of that anytime soon – it is strictly no nuts of any kind, as well no foods where there may be traces of nuts.

Snort and Coconut both had a fabulous time there. Pretend cups of tea making, colouring, and wire pulling all contributed to the party atmosphere.

We also talked quite a lot about vaccines. She was actually working at the hospital where all the autism hoopla happened in 2001, and said when they looked at causal issues, many of the children in the group hadn’t even received the MMR! …though no cause was found, but there was a real chance it was a live measles infection/exposure, so that was interesting.

On the whole, I feel better as we’ve been told the swelling and hives are minor. We’ve been told when and how to use an epipen, and to call an ambulance as soon as we do. Hopefully we’ll never need to use this new knowledge.

Onward and upward to the first phase of testing!


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  1. Sara Says:

    Thanks so much for this amazing information, so many questions answered.

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