Our family.


We wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t 11:04 pm and I wasn’t trapped in a place with no landline and no mobile reception, as TMD is at hospital with our daughter.

We wouldn’t be us if the bathtub was not full of baby poop.

We wouldn’t be us if it was our last night here, and rather than being packed up for tomorrow morning and getting sleep, there weren’t suspicious rashes, dirty dishes everywhere, and charcoal smeared all over everything Snort was wearing today because he climbed into the fireplace.

We are booked in for softplay at the crack of dawn. You know, when TMD is supposed to be loading up the car. We’ll see how that goes. As it stands, I broke my own rule about never ever telling the internet you are away from home…and not actually managing to post anything that did not involve nightmarish changing room escapades or frantic late night tweeting about not knowing what hospital my kid is in.

We DID have a great week, though. More on that soon. I swear.


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