From bruises and bashes to funny skin rashes.


This morning, within an hour of being awake, Snort got a HUGE black eye. Crash collision with a second little moving body (leading to both falling and smashing their faces on furniture).

A body that, this evening, has spots that have spread from her tummy to her chest. I’m thinking maybe chicken pox.

No lie. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Not that I feel like trying. Still lovely holiday posts to come (we’re home now, you would be robbers!), just had to note the black eye and spreading zit looking raised spots. For posterity.

And here is a pic of them this morning just before we left for home. Snort is modestly turning his head so The Black Eye is invisible. Coconut is modestly wearing clothes so The Pox (?) are also invisible….though I’ve taken some nakie pictures this evening.


One Response to “From bruises and bashes to funny skin rashes.”

  1. Jess Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh! Poor things! 😦

    I can sympathize… Finn has ulcers on his lips and gums, which is making it painful for him to suck on a bottle. The Dr said it might be ‘Hand Foot & Mouth Disease’ but there’s no lesions on his hands and feet so perhaps just a virus.

    Poor little munchkins, all round!

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