I didn’t lose my weight by shitting it out, unlike other members of my household.


Soooo….Like I said, Snort has stopped erupting from every orifice. The fun news? Coconut has now taken his place.

She’s got the shits. The runs. As a group of my friends once said, ‘The ree.’ And when we were in public and wanted to talk secretly about the ree, ‘525.’

Yeah, she’s got the 525. Let’s all seriously hope this all stays confined to the below the belt region and puke never enters the equation.

In other news, I’ve switched back to Weight Watchers this week. Not attending meetings, which is a shame as that’s the best for me, but still. Weight Watchers seems healthier to me than straight up calorie counting, because WW takes into consideration which foods are healthy and which are not. When I did it last time I learned a lot about nutrition and healthy choices.

So I’ve lost some weight this week, taking me to an even 30 pounds. My goal for weight lost by Christmas was 7-8 pounds, and I think this is pound number 8 since that challenge started. Now to see if I can lose, let’s say, another two pounds. That’d be nice.


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3 Responses to “I didn’t lose my weight by shitting it out, unlike other members of my household.”

  1. Violetsouffle Says:

    You are doing sonvery remarkably well! I’m in awe at you and your hard work. Hope coconut gets better much more quickly and the 525 evades you& TMD.

  2. Katie B. Says:

    Weight loss due to illness is the pits; ask me how I know, and why I’m still coercing my kid to eat. 😦

    Yay for 8 pounds!! *breaks out the imaginary pom-poms*

  3. natasha Says:

    Wowee! 30lbs! That’s awesome-amazing! How inspirational. Go get that extra 2lbs! xx

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