A blow by blow account of world travel.


And the next chapter in The Fun. Snort (and Coconut, too) has been sick on and off for approaching two months. All mild stuff – runny noses, congested chests, fevers once each, occasional diarrhea, etc.

Snort’s latest bout started Wednesday. At this point, he vomited up all of Chicago last night. By the time morning came round, Chicago and Detroit and Paris and Lille vomit was covering a lot of stuff, all heaped in the bathtub. Last night was his first vomiting, prior to that it had been diarrhea a few times a day.

Last night the diarrhea ramped up. But today?? Had it five times before 11 am. Called doctor, who said to keep pushing fluids. We also need to go get a little pot and put his poo in it, which will then be sent to a lab for analysis. Doctor said all was prob fine as long as the vomiting did not continue.

About two minutes after getting off the phone, Snort puked up Toronto and Munich. This was shortly after his first fluids of the day – some watered down squash, and a bit of Oatly (as I thought formula was too dairyish). I called doc again.

Yes, the next step? Fucking hospital for iv fluids.

The next few hours will be offering him water in bottles, he did just have some. I didn’t let him have as much as he wanted, as again, might be best for his little tummy to have a bit at a time. He was woken from sleep during the Toronto/Munich affair, but is falling back asleep as I type.

He keeps coughing, which wakes him up. The coughing worries me as it’s almost like nausea coughing, and certainly precedes every vomit-a-thon.

So please please please send him good healing vibes. And send Coconut don’t-get-sick vibes (she’s started the little cough, and her poops are getting pale)….and me and TMD, too. This is depressing for a lot of reasons, but I suppose you will find out more about the ‘other reasons’ soon.

In the meantime, I’ve got two kids who (when not sleeping) want to be held every second of the day. Yesterday was tricky as they were both so unhappy.

TMD will be leaving work shortly to go pick up the Poop Pot, and then be on hand in case the hospital is needed. My focus? Comforting and cuddling this pale little urchin with vomit in his hair, giving him small and frequent doses of water, making sure he’s peeing, and keeping track of all diarrhea and vomits, though hopefully moving onto a clear liquid diet may stop that.

Ah. He just rolled over and looked at me with his wide little eyes, in a staring unwell sort of way. Then sat up, grinning, and grabbed Coconut’s foot. There’s hope yet. Just need to help him sleep now!

And…it’s five minutes later. He is stood on the couch, holding onto our tall lamp in the corner and wiggling it back and forth, turning it on and off. First time I’ve ever been pleased by these actions.


7 Responses to “A blow by blow account of world travel.”

  1. saralema Says:

    Have you had allergy testing yet? I ask because some of those symptoms (excepts the fever- I don’t know about that one) can be signs of an allergic reaction. I know my allergy boy gets slammed with diarrhea (he’d be SO pleased I’m sharing this!) when he accidentally has something with dairy or soy and only slightly slammed when it is garlic or onions.

    Hope the little man feels better soon and little miss doesn’t catch it!

    • existere Says:

      We’re still waiting on meeting with the specialist- end of November we see her. The bummer is the appointment is just for Snort, when Coco ALSO has reactions. I’m wondering about lacosey stuff too, to be honest. Glad to hear this is an actual thing..

  2. Jennie Says:

    What a rough time you’re having. I really hope things calm down soon. Poor little fella getting so sick. I hope that he’s on the up, with his little lamp-shaking improvement!

  3. halfadozen Says:

    popsicles are AWESOME for hydration because they absorb at such a slow rate. We made gatorade ones and bought plain ones and they all worked wonders when M got sick…

    Hope that the bug goes and stays away!

  4. catsandcradles Says:

    Poor Snort! I hope he’s feeling better soon, and that Coco, TMD, and you all manage to skip this particular travel excursion.

    As far as the repeated sickness goes, from what I’ve heard, kids tend to go through a stage where they get sick pretty frequently, after they start spending more time around bigger groups of other children. After their immune systems get the hang of germ exposure, it happens a lot less frequently. From what you’ve said on here, it sounds like y’all have been spending time around other kids more as of late (playgroup, library, etc), so maybe that has something to do with it? Not that that helps with the current vomit-fest, but, maybe it’s something?

  5. Katie B. Says:

    Best healthy vibes for all y’all…

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