Things you should know.


One, I’m psychic. Last night/this morning I had a dream that we found the square piece that fits in the shape sorter. That happy bastard has been missing for so long I was starting to wonder if we’d ever owned it. This morning TMD said, ‘Hey, guess what. I found the square.’

One and a half, last year she was telling me all about some work conference she’d been on. I stopped her and said, ‘I am trying to listen to you, but I keep seeing the colour turquoise in my mind.’ She freaked out. Turns out she’d found a turquoise heart in her coat pocket that day, and had been holding it most of the afternoon.

Two, I’m not a nutjob. I swear.

Three, when I was little – and still today – I was utterly and completely freaked out by worms. On a huge level. I knew that when we fished, we used worms as bait (though my grandmother took pity on me and let me use pieces of bologna or corn). I refused to eat fish because I knew the awful truth: fish ate worms.

Three and a half, I also believed that squirrels lived inside green beans. Like, multiple squirrels per bean.

Four, I unfriended my father’s girlfriend on facebook. Her account was the way he accessed my profile – and pictures of the babies, etc. THIS IS HUGE. Clicking that unfriend button was HUGE. Admittedly there had been no ‘action’ from her/his profile in awhile, but I have been so freaking scared to finally cut off this ‘tie.’ It feels good. I feel brave.

Five, I’ve had a bad SPD relapse. This is due to a lot of things I won’t bore you with. But it’s been one week and one day of something quite hellish. I cannot wait for the blood to flow.

Six, tomorrow is Aussie’s son’s first birthday party. When were we grown up enough to have kids this old? Mine turned FIFTEEN MONTHS yesterday. I remember sitting in the pub with her, making comments about wanting to steal the bellies/babies of pregnant women.

Seven, I really need to get back on the enthusiasm and motivation train. The level of pain I’ve been in – coupled with my lovely pre-period self (argh, I’m a mean, tired bitch!) – leaves me utterly exhausted and down. I need to lose this weight. I need to write about when I gain weight rather than lose it. I need to be accountable.

Seven and a half, not to place blame, but things went down the shitter when ya’ll stopped wooing and hooing for my weight loss journey. You need to be held accountable. *wink* <— that was a fake wink to make you think I was being breezy about this.

Eight, I had to skip NaNoWriMo writing a few nights ago. I wanted to skip yesterday, too, but managed to do a day's writing. So as of last night, I was only a day behind. As of tonight, I am two days behind. I need to stop blogging and start romancing.

Nine, The Romancer is picking up speed and is more enjoyable to write.

Nine and a half, I still would prefer to watch Friends. Except every night when I finish writing, I am all YEEHAW and KABLOOEY and wetting myself with excitement. I put in the DVD, and fall asleep within five minutes of the show starting. I slept all last night in my glasses.

Ten, I am going to go all crazy cool and start using a Reusable Menstrual Cup, this cycle if all goes well. Prepare for posts full of too much information now. I foresee panic posts about silicone things stuck in my vajayjay, stories of how good I am at bearing down to get it out due to lesbian sexual activities, and blood spilling all over the floor.

Ten and half, night night. Sweet dreams to you, speedy writing to me.

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15 Responses to “Things you should know.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    first of all, it is PERFECTLY NORMAL to put on a bit of weight before your period. and yeah, it’ll come off again as you loose all that fluid 😉

    as for honking and pom pom shaking… sorry, been pmting and coming on myself… um.. have we been syncronising over the interwebz?! O_o

    • existere Says:

      Ah, this little gain is due to the truckload of chocolate I ate. And pizza. And McDonald’s. But if it makes us all feel better to blame the period…we can try. Heh.

      So. We will have to become blood sistas or something. You game? Not sure what that entails when it comes to menstrual blood, but I DO know it won’t involve mixing out blood in a pot and feeding houseplants with it. Unless you have some anemic plants.

      I gross myself out. <— not really, I make myself laugh.

  2. TMD Says:

    You are a little bit of a nut job though… eh?

  3. mamacrow Says:

    i only just found out that menstrual blood is a great fertilizer – who knew?! But yet to try it out because I don’t have many plants. They tend to die horribly. Besides, i use pads, and, tbh, am slightly scared of trying a moon/diva cup… i mean, i’ve never used tampons cos i’m scared of sticking them up there and of toxic shock etc.

    sure, i’ve stuck plenty of other things up there, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT!

    oh, and you ate the chocolate and pizza cos you were pmting so my theory still stands 😛

  4. mamacrow Says:

    p.s oh yeah, TOTALLY blood sistaz. S’long as you admit i’m the sistah who RULES THE CAMPFIRE!

  5. Natasha Says:

    Moon cup is great!! I used mine for the first time last cycle and I was a pro from the offset – Not a single leak! I did forget to trim the tail though, until I sat down and it stuck me (ouch!). I don’t need it (the tail) for removal anyway. It sits much lower than a tampon so you only need to put your fingers only just inside your vajayjay to be able to pinch the bottom, release the suction of it from inside you and it comes out easypeasily. It holds much more than pads and tampons so I only had to change it every 4 hours (compared to one hourly for me before). If you’re anything like me you’ll probably feel cheated when you remove it and find it’s only filled up to the first or second notch. I feel like I have very heavy periods and soak through pads and tampons hourly, so I was expecting to have this overflowing mooncup and oodles of blood at change-over time… but after four hours there was a completely unimpressive dribble of blood in the bottom of the cup, which made me wonder what I’d been making such a fuss over! Ha.

    I’m sorry I’ve not been chearing on your weight loss… I fell off of the dietwagon and I was jealous of your good progress. I went to the jewellers today to enquire about getting my wedding ring enlarged by 2 sizes.

    I believe in psychic ability. I am certain that my toddler can read my mind. The other day we had run out of breakfast cerial. I was laying in bed and thinking about making pancakes for breakfast, and at that exact moment Anna came running through from her room and squeeled, “we’re having pancakes?!” I often wonder how much we underestimate our mind’s potential… See my recent blog post for cooky theories about mind over matters and how I possibly thought myself into having twins 😉

    I wanted to say one thing per point, but my babies are teething terribly and getting zero sleep and my brain has just completely shut down so I’ll leave at that for now x

    Oh and while I remember, did you ask TMD about the twins’ birthday at all? Sorry to nag… I’m trying to get an idea on numbers so I can start planning the massive veggie feast with the right quantities in mind 🙂

  6. Katie B. Says:

    Third trimester = too damn tired to do anything. Except, apparently, blog tearfully about deciding not to let L start nursing again.

    In other words, the love is still here, but I think I threw the pom-poms into the recycling.

  7. @TheRealErinHisc Says:

    I use a divacup (and have for a few years) and I LOVE it.
    I have a tipped uterus, and using tampons had been an endless struggle with cramping and other awful stuff.
    I used to have HUGE issues with major leaks – more like gushes – everytime I stood up after a prolonged (2 or more hours) of sitting. Since I work at a desk, I pretty much had to have 2 changes of clothes with me for 5 days every month. Since I switched to the cup, this has not happened once.

  8. catsandcradles Says:

    I have a diva cup, and I like it well enough, but I almost never use it. The problem is that you really need a private bathroom to use it, and I don’t have one at work. I’m really figuring that the world at large does not actually want to watch (TMI warning…) me come out of the stall with the bloody cup, wash it, and then re-enter the stall. Not to mention what you do with your pants during this affair. I’ve also had this issue when I’m going to be out and about all day, and don’t know what kind of bathrooms I’ll have access to. Because I have to use something else at work, I just get lazy and use pads all the time.

    Sorry for falling down on the cheerleading. I’ll try to relocate those pom-poms.

  9. Kara Says:

    I can’t wipe my Diva Cup with toilet paper, because it sticks to it. I have to wash it off. But, I only empty it once in the morning and once at night. I think unless you have really heavy periods, you shouldn’t need to do it more than that.

    As for weight loss, you can do it, lady!!! I am hoping I’m going to be on the band wagon with you. I just started a new med, which is KILLING my appetite. I’m eating half the food I usually do. Also, my cravings from sugar are GONE. I’m amazed by this! It’s really helping me change my habits because I’m thinking, “Oh, it’s Friday night. I need ice cream while I watch my movie! But wait, do I really WANT ice cream?” And no, I don’t. The desire isn’t there AT ALL. I’m going to feel like a cheater if I actually lose anything from this, though, because it’s not actually HARD, you know? If only I could just exercise now…

    • existere Says:

      Bottled water – a small bottle in your bag, and you can wash it off in your stall!!

      I can’t wait to try mine out.

      Someone on freecycle has hopefully just given TMD all the weight watchers materials for me, so I may switch back to my pal ww. Good luck to us both.

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