Notes to self.


Coconut’s words/sounds (the ones I can remember, anyway!):

Mama, bye bye, roar, quack quack, bunny, baby, hi, yeahyeahyeah, snort (like a pig), boo.

Snort is still rockin’ his ‘mama’ and ‘mum mum’. Along with some kick ass roaring!

Coconut is also rock solid on her feet. She chooses to walk everywhere and crawling really is phased out.

And the big news? Snort is properly walking now!! A couple of weeks ago he took his first ‘step’ – ie six steps in a row. He then never did it again. In the past few days, he has been walking more and more. I clap for him, and he looks really proud of himself. He still chooses to crawl if he needs to get somewhere quickly!

At playgroup today he just stood and danced during the music part, hand clapping included. Coconut also bounced around and clapped.

Snort is really coming out of his shell. While he ‘beat’ Coconut to every milestone, she has zoomed out ahead in terms of walking and talking. She is also very, very sociable – walking around handing everyone plastic pieces of fruit at storytime, say.

I try to not compare them, because every baby is different and develops in their own time – especially twins.

I can see Snort’s mind working – he’s into figuring out how things work, building, and little science experiments. We’re talking pouring water from a cup onto his spoon and drinking that, etc. He also loves these cheapie red spoons TMD bought and often carries them around.

Snort is now pointing a lot, and really interacting with us and other people. And kitchens. That kid loves play kitchens. First it was opening and shutting the doors, but now it’s progressed to stacking things on shelves, taking the sink in and out, and just general kitcheny stuff.

Coconut loves kitchens, too. But more than the kitchen, she loves the play food. And pointing at her nose. And pointing at my nose. And pointing at the nose of ALL THINGS AND PEOPLE we encounter.

She’s also heavily into biting (but has finally cut two molars), and laughs when I put on my stern face. Come to think of it, Snort laughs when I pull him away from the electrical equipment in the corner, too. So on the mama front, still trying to figure out gentle discipline and boundary setting. For now, lots of distraction techniques.

I no longer am keeping a written diary for them – though to be honest, those two little diaries didn’t see as much action as they could have during that all important first year, so thought I’d just jot this stuff down here so I would remember. I already know there is more that I’ve forgotten!

The other big news is that they fingerpainted for the first time today. Oh, so cute.


2 Responses to “Notes to self.”

  1. Katie B. Says:

    L still laughs sometimes when we’re mad at her (something she’s done or not done)… I think it’s a self-defense mechanism, to try to keep us from infanticide, but I only ever find it makes me madder. *sigh*

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