My fb status last night: Existere Awesome has cracked 11,000 words. She’s well into the second decade of her nano novel.

TMD’s comment: Yay!

My comment:
You are the best wife I ever had, TMD.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later. I’ve just come into the lounge for something.

Me: I left you a little message on my fb status!

I know, I saw it. That’s why I came in to say hi to you earlier. That was really nice.

Me: I didn’t say it to be nice, I said it because it’s true.


Me: Though technically, I could hate you and it would still be true.


Me: I smell a blog post!!


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One Response to “Conversations.”

  1. Jess Says:

    But she’s the ONLY one you’ve ever had. … Unless there’s something you’re not telling us! :O

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