What shall I do with my extra 6.00?



Who are you to tell me to check the expiration date on my any pizza, any size 9.99 coupon? Who are you to  make me exclaim, ‘Oh crap! It expired on October 31,’ and then just sit there in expectant silence like I am still going to place an order for pizza even though I would have to pay full price??


So I am going mental deciding if I can afford the extra 6 smackaroonies when we really can’t afford the 9.99 in the first place. I decide that starvation plus laziness equals affording it.

As I am placing my order, I think, ‘I’m not going down without a fight, you cheap pizza wielding bastards.’ I have done buy one get one free or the 9.99 thing for the past three years and hell if I will cough up extra money.

So I turn to my best friend, Google. My pal who diagnoses my diseases, converts my cash, and tells me the temperature. I write ‘Domino’s vouchers’ in the little white window and click submit. I am directed to a site that says, ‘Click here to have a fantastic voucher window mental madness open up on another site!’

Because I am optimistic and stoopid, I click.

Lo and behold, the official Domino’s site comes up with some top secret deal for lunch. A large pizza. For 9.99.


I own the wooooooooooooooooooorld.

(And also feel like I have found some huge money saving deal, when in fact I only paid was what I was planning on paying in the first place. This is how The Man tries to stick it to you. Don’t let him beat you down, folks. Turn to Google. Always turn to Google.)


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3 Responses to “What shall I do with my extra 6.00?”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I’m guilty of doing the google search while on the phone too. lol

  2. TMD Says:

    You are my frickin hero. Love you.

  3. J.D. Says:

    Haha! Very cute! I’m the exact same way. I look on google all the time for coupon codes & it kills me if my coupon expired when in was just about to use it!

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