One haiku per idea/update.


If I found a job
that paid as much as wifey’s
I might just take it.

My weight stayed the same
this week, just as I knew it
would. Help me recharge.

NaNoWriMo starts
I have a month of writing
to make a thin book.

Molars burn in hell!
You are horrible shitheads
and we all hate you.

Last night I saw the
last ever episode of
Dawson’s Creek. Oh my.

I am eating through
a tin of Halloween stuff.
A billion Snickers.

I wish we had lots
of time and money. And lived
on a private isle.


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3 Responses to “One haiku per idea/update.”

  1. @violetsouffle Says:

    1) you are brave
    2) don’t give up! Enough with the snickers’!
    3) can’t wait to read it
    4) die, molars! Die! Hehe
    5) Awwww! I’ve never watched it
    6) ohhhh yum! But…see #2
    7) me too.

  2. outofourtownieminds Says:

    Ha, I knew you’d love Dawson’s Creek.. how sad is that last episode and did you guess right who she ended up with??

  3. catsandcradles Says:

    Why are all of our Snickers gone already? Why?

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