A day in the life.


I’ve got the nausea, the dry heaving, the headache, the fatigue. Only thing missing is the baby in my womb. Seriously.

Last night was unholy. Unholy. TMD left work a bit early as I was barfing up cauliflower cheese grills and Snort was inconsolable. Both have had raging fevers the past few days. Squirty poops coming back, Coco vomiting, Snort listless and whiny.

Took awhile for him to settle last night.

I should pause here to say we never used ‘cry it out’ methods, but Coco and Snort go down easily for naps and bed. They only wake in the night if they need something. You know, like to SCREAM in pain.

Snort was up at 11 pm screaming. Raw throat screaming. We dosed him up with more meds, but essentially he was awake from 11 pm – 6am. He would be thrashing and screaming (yes, I know I keep using this word over and over, but ‘crying’ doesn’t cut it) for about 90 minutes, then sleep for 30-60 minutes, then back up.

Coco slept through all his screams, except when she got up to – you guessed it – scream for 90 minutes of her own. TMD put them both in slings and marched like a zombie soldier up and down the room, singing, while I sat and shivered/melted on the couch, head in hands.

It was the worst night we have had since they were born. TMD slept not at all. I probably got an hour or so.

We ‘got up’ at 6 – as if we’d been sleeping – to get everything ready for a crack-of-dawn trip to the doctor. Snort was given tongue depressors to play with, a very worried Coconut had Bunny’s chest listened to with a stethoscope, and home we are again.

The diagnosis is viral infections times two, coupled with Snort’s teething. I’m going to be keeping an eye on the poor kid, because he is definitely not himself. Coco, despite puke and red ears, is still dancing and singing. Snort is begging to be held,  screaming if I leave the room, etc.

My plan for today is Casual Day.

Fuck. At this point Snort woke up from his nap, only 30 minutes in. He’s been screaming for an inconsolable 15 minutes.

20 minutes. None of my usual techniques are working. When they were younger babies, I had to consciously relax my body when they were both crying. I do believe that the stress a parent has is communicated through body language and can make a baby’s crying worse. So I’m pretty good at offering a soft, warm, soothing holding experience to the babies.

I’m also good at controlling them with the power of my singing voice. I do believe my voice was my biggest ‘weapon’ in terms of dealing with two babies at the same time. That and slings.

He’s finally accepted a bottle, so pray he goes back to sleep.

ANYWAY. Casual Day. No big meals, as they aren’t interested while sick, really. Going to just spread a picnic blanket on the floor multiple times and offer small snacks throughout the day. Our first course of cream cheese on toast with oat milk in a beaker went down okay.

I think Domino’s may get involved.

Going to press ‘submit’ as for all I know, he’ll be screaming again when this bottle is finished.

TMD is working late tonight and I am trying not to let The Fear take over me. I ordered an awesome Sesame Street DVD with an Amazon gift certificate I had. No doubt the fucker won’t show up today. They LOVE Elmo and muppety type things. Anyone who wants to copy us a DVD or two and mail it, you can have my address.

Hell, anyone who doesn’t fear viral infections and wants to come over and eat pizza with us today, you can have my address.  Any takers?


2 Responses to “A day in the life.”

  1. talesofanunplannedpregnancy Says:

    I so would have come over & had pizza & entertained you & the babies with stories & read books to all of you! 🙂

  2. Jess Says:

    Ohhh, sounds horrible! I’ll mail you a DVD! Send your address to: myfirstbub @ gmail. com.


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