And so it begins….again.


Today I sent an email to the head IVF nurse at our fertility clinic. She’d emailed me awhile back – you may remember that the woman who received my eggs last time wanted to be paired with me if I did IVF again. I wrote to say I would be delighted to be paired with her, and that we were beginning to think about having a second pregnancy.

Questions I asked – what is the BMI range for eggsharing? I know there is an upper limit from last time, but can’t remember what it is. I know I’m probably over it, but I wouldn’t want to get pregnant when I’m this overweight, anyway.

I also asked them to send us all the updated paperwork – what screening tests I would need, the costs of all precedures, etc.

Finally, I asked about the availability of our donor’s sperm. I would love to use the same donor.Β  And not just because my genes appear to have TROUNCED his in most every department – Coconut looks identical to my grandmother, while Snort is identical to my cousin (genetic ‘brother’ …do you know that creepy story yet?). Most of the boys in our family are tall and fair. Most of the women are short and dark (the exception being my sister and I).

I don’t know. Nothing is set in stone, here.

But I do find myself wondering how I would handle all the monitoring appointments with twin toddlers in tow. I imagine I’d leave them in the waiting room with TMD – if she’d be able to attend. It might be a very different pregnancy altogether, simply because there are already two little tykes to have to attend to. I think I’d be okay with that.

I pretty much already know what to expect, at least on the fertility side of things. I would need her there for the egg collection, though. Who wants to babysit my kids sometime next year at a minute’s notice? C’mon, any volunteers? They are a bundle of fu-un..

If you are my friend on facebook, please mention none of this on there. I don’t plan on saying ANYTHING until we are in the second trimester of this as yet invisible pregnancy. (But I keep picturing myself updating my facebook status – how gross is that? I’m more excited about the status update than, say, the pregnancy test.)

I really need to keep focused on the weight loss. Whether we go down the route of having a third child naturally or not, being a healthy version of me is a good thing. It’s tough this week as I’m not feeling great, the kids are not feeling great, and everything is closed due to half-term so we’re in the house all week. Good for having some isolated get well time, bad because I run around like a fiend at playgroup and that may be why I am losing weight.

So. Now you are all up to date.

Except the one thing you don’t know – I am back to watching ‘A Baby Story’ every day and sobbing when the baby is born. I did this before my last pregnancy. Just saying.

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15 Responses to “And so it begins….again.”

  1. Violetsouffle Says:

    I would offer up my partners sperm. Except of course that it’s not mine to offer. And tge fact that you want your next baby to look like YOU too :)) Lol πŸ™‚ other than that, GOOD LUCK!

  2. mamacrow Says:

    OO OO OO!!! EXCITING! Would LOVE to baby sit the twins anytime πŸ˜€ That would be SO cool, it would make us up to 8 kids! I could teach ’em to sing and we could run away from the nazies…
    wish were were closer… darn M25

  3. IVF Hopefull Says:

    Successful IVF is a bit hit and miss. My partner and I have been trying for a long time, still with no success. Anyway we still haven’t given up hope.

  4. Shilo Says:

    I thought I was the only one who sobbed at A Baby Story! Every time I watch it I tell Brad I want another baby! haha (but oh my lord I so don’t). But very exciting that you guys are looking into your next pregnancy! Don’t get too down on the shitty week, it has to look up from here, doesn’t it? I think so. Ivy kept me awake alllllllllllll night with those friken molars. Can’t wait for this teething business to finish! x Shilo

  5. saralema Says:

    Congratulations! That would be really fabulous if you could get the same sperm donor.

    Gah, this does not help chill my growing baby fever. I made CW panic slightly last night when I commented that I think about whether we will have another once or twice a day. He said he was thinking that when MP was 6-9 months, but had started thinking no. Put that man right in a minor tizzy I tell you. Following your journey will only make me want to join in even more.

  6. Winnie Says:

    πŸ˜€ This is exciting news! Now if only I lived close enough to babysit…

  7. Jess Says:

    Excitemeenntt. Already look forward to meeting Coconut & Snort someday so another little one for me to play with? AMAZING. πŸ˜›

    Speaking of meeting, John & I will be over in there soon after Xmas to visit his family. Thought we might could work something out & meet up in that big, anonymous city inbetween, yeah?

  8. Jennie Says:

    If you feel like moving nearer to Cardiff, I’d babysit (almost) anytime you liked!! Very exciting news – do you think there’d be a possibility of more twins??

    • existere Says:

      This is going to be an entry all of its own – the twin thing, I mean. I would love another set of twins, I think they are magical, but don’t think my body would be happy about a twin pregnancy..

  9. catsandcradles Says:

    Exciting! πŸ™‚

  10. Katie B. Says:

    If I weren’t on the far side of another continent, across a large ocean from you, I would gladly help out on the practical level. Since I am.. I’ll just cheer from here. πŸ™‚ And send baby dust – I have plenty of it right now! πŸ™‚

  11. JLNickers Says:

    This is very exciting to hear! We are trying for #1 πŸ™‚

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