Snort is WALKING?!?!


So this morning Snort rocked it out. How? He was stood by me, facing the couch. He took a step. Of course, I was suitably wowed. This was his first independent step, and he has been very wary of moving without the safety of things to hang on to.

I was holding the back of his shirt, not pulling or pushing, and he didn’t know I was doing that. So I was waiting for a fall after this step, when all of a sudden he took another four or five steps without breaking stride, getting himself easily to the couch! That’s my baby boy!!

He took a few steps to TMD’s step-father about an hour later, but nothing else today. Coconut is very confident on her feet now and was just pacing back and forth last night for the joy of walking.

Snort’s brain is growing right along with his newfound walking abilities! A few minutes ago he was holding the tv leg with his right leg, a babydoll with the left, and was trying to get over to the bookcase. He couldn’t quite reach – so what does he do? Put the baby in his mouth, transfer his weight and lean. Once he had secure hold of the shelves, he let go of the tv leg and took the baby out of his mouth with his other hand.

These kids never stop wowing me.

I want another one.



4 Responses to “Snort is WALKING?!?!”

  1. jenmum Says:

    Wow, go Snort!! How wonderful that you were there to see his first triumphant few steps. He’ll be confidently walking back and forwards and maybe even running in no time.

  2. Shilo Says:

    Yay!!!!!!!! So god damn fricken cute aren’t they!!

  3. Jess Says:

    OMG, really???? Woo hoo!! What a milestone!!

  4. Katie B. Says:

    Want more? Better get started before they start toddler double-teaming you. 😉

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