Christmas Challenge Weigh in…week four? three? five? I think four.


Monday update!

Weighed in yesterday and was very pleased to see that my weight had held steady. Considering the shit week I had, this was the best I could expect.

Last night I got back on the horse and went out for a half hour walk, so I’m going to try to make that a nightly thing again. Still feeling at the tail end of being sick, and having some pretty intense pain (but very localised and not all the time), but I think walking is really helping. This is the best month/cycle I have had since before I was pregnant in terms of pain!

I know I really need to get going, because a week of doing nothing whilst sick means I feel sort of like I’m starting all over again. But instead of giving up like I would in the past, I am carrying on. This is one time I choose persistence over the easier route.

So rock on this week, and I’ll check in with weight loss again soon!


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6 Responses to “Christmas Challenge Weigh in…week four? three? five? I think four.”

  1. Kara Says:

    I need a scale. I haven’t weighed in like 2 months? I have no idea if I’ve lost any (I don’t think I have.)

  2. JLNickers Says:

    I think I weigh myself far too often…every single time I’m in the bathroom, I step on the scales. I’m sure that can’t be healthy.

    • existere Says:

      Well, healthy or unhealthy aside, it’s not accurate! But I’m sure you already know that. Women & scales – think it’ll always be a sticky issue for many of us.

  3. Shilo Says:

    That’s great to hear it’s been a good cycle this month. Hopefully it can continue for you! Walking really is awesome. I walked 5km in 55mins today. I think that’s pretty impressive! andddd I finally lost 600grams! Fucking hoooray.

    • existere Says:

      I have no concept of what 600 grams is, except it is the weight of 600 paperclips. Not sure what that feels like – damn metric system. How’s a girl supposed to CONCEPTUALIZE anything?!?! Awesome on your hardcore walking!

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