Shit sandwich. Cheese is .10 extra.



I lost three pounds this week! Three pounds!

I’m feeling really good about this. As I have lost a pretty big amount of weight in the past, I know the routine: aim for a loss of 1-2 pounds per week, if you have a big loss one week the next you probably won’t, weigh in at the same time and same day every week.

I break one of these rules – I weigh in every day. Just for my own knowledge. Not for anything official. And these past two weeks have had an interesting pattern – going up a pound every Wednesday. Not going to speculate on anything, but I do find it interesting…sure the rest of you are yawning, though.

So that’s 6 pounds lost since I started the Christmas Challenge on Sept 23. And 28 pounds in total!!


I bought a babydoll for 2.00 from eBay, for Snort. He loves babies and we don’t have any. It came and his face lit up. He gave her a cuddle and lots of kisses. In fact, that’s what he does for this baby – he kisses her, and he carries around the mini nappy bag that came with her. In his teeth. While crawling.

Coconut was pleased to discover a little bottle in the changing bag, and she promptly concentrated on feeding the baby! And switching hands and feeding from the other side (perhaps she has to be ‘even’, like her crazy mama). I can’t believe I have kids old enough to ‘take care’ of babies.


We went out yesterday. Our new thing is to go for a drive during their nap on Sundays, so I can practice driving and we can end up going someplace newish each week. Yesterday was a town north of here. It was supafun riiiight up until Snort’s face fucking exploded. First there was a bit of him scratching at his face, and the next thing? HUGE hives all over his face – we’re talking eyelids, forehead, mouth, cheeks, etc. His eyeball started swelling again (the opposite eyeball from last time, in case you are keeping track), under his eyes, his whole face.

His skin was an angry bright red, and just. kept. swelling. We slammed his oral anti-histamine into him at the first sign of things going crazy – before the hives and stuff appeared. Chalk one up to my super vigilance. We packed things up, TMD walked him around outside to cool him off and help him calm down, and we ran for the car, fully planning on going into the hospital (where they were born!)

Things began to calm so we came home and monitored. Even after most other symptoms abated, he was so swollen under his eyes that his eyes were like slits in his face. No clue what was the culprit. Itching started after he tried these new organic carrot puff thingies, but there is nothing in them that is bad!  Hives started after he sat on the coffee place’s couch. No point in trying to figure this out, as we just can’t work it out.

More bread

Coconut started walking last night!! I heard TMD’s voice go all high pitched and congratulatory so I came in. I missed her walking. The first time she walks across the room and I’m in bed reading trashy novels. It made me cry.

That being said, she walked for me this morning. She took two or three steps, glanced back over her shoulder to make sure we were watching, and took another three steps. BIG GIRL.

WALKING!!! I am more excited about that than my three pounds lost, though both are pretty fucking good!

How was your week?



3 Responses to “Shit sandwich. Cheese is .10 extra.”

  1. Katie B. Says:

    Zowie, I’m 30w tomorrow!

    I spent most of the week *not in pain* from spd.. I didn’t count on it lasting (which it didn’t, it was back in full force yesterday), but I enjoyed it while it lasted! L is still very much the twoddler, but I’m finding it a little easier to cope with since I figured out about her doing her usual hit-the-half-year-disintegration-early thing. Still not especially *fun*, but I have a little more perspective, so I can be more patient. Plus, I upped my brain meds, and that kicked in. 😉

  2. Shilo Says:

    Go COCONUT!!!! That is so exciting!!!!! Ivy took her first 3 steps about 2 months ago and hadn’t even bothered to walk that much since then, but just this week she is taking a couple more steps here and there, getting her confidence up. I am in love with seeing her walk! It’s so cute!
    Jules on the other hand has only just this week started to stand unaided. So he’ll probably be a couple months yet to walk.

    Poor snort! How is he now??

    And do you not have your licence? I don’t have mine and it’s a right pain in the ass!

  3. Shilo Says:

    totally forgot to say congrats on the 3lb!! You are doing great! I however have lost nothing?!! Not happy… 😦

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